Colin Edwards wants to be your best friend, for $3,400

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Want to create your very own Mancation with MotoGP racer Colin Edwards? Now’s your chance. Just you and nine other people have the opportunity to spend four nights bunked down with your Texan man crush, while your days will be filled with activities like deep sea fishing, duck hunting and, according to the official material, “tomfoolery.” Edwards says the only thing you need to pack are “undies and Tylenol.”

Texas Tornado Thanks, Marshall

  • loosenoose

    i live like 2 minutes from his new riding school in montgomery, tx. i wonder if neighbors could get discounts… or free track time? lol? c’mon colin

  • desmoworks

    Why would he do this? Does the money go to a charity (I hope)?

    • Slim Pickens

      He needs extra cash to restore his IROC-Z? I dunno.

  • GrimeyLimey

    Oops, I read that as ‘d!ck hunting’

  • nicktp

    Do you get to be facebook friends with him after your drunk fishing binge, or does that cost extra?