Ducati and Xerox, a match born in advertising heaven

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Well, heaven for Ducati anyways. It’s easy to get the feeling that the company getting the greatest benefit from the slick production values and prime time slots of this new TV ad and webisode is the company with the sexy, fast bikes getting a list of its products’ merits read throughout. Oh yeah, and Xerox could offer your business some cheaper paper or something. Good timing too, since Ducati’s quitting SBK, this will presumably be the end of Xerox title sponsorship of a factory race team.
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In addition to this tv ad, Xerox has also paid to promote the company it sponsors in this longer format “case study” webisode. Sexy Ducati after sexy Ducati (did we mention how fast they are?), oh yeah, some business-to-business message.

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Snark aside, it’s actually reall cool to see motorcycles involved in ads that actually have production values and are creative. Wind tunnel porn, slick computer graphics, a fun plot that’s easy for non-enthusiasts to follow? See bike manufacturers, you needn’t be afraid of the outside world, you just need to enlist external help in order reach it.

Maybe Marlboro will pay to put Valentino Rossi on TV next year. Oh wait, they aren’t allowed to.

  • nicktp

    Never knew there was a 4th founding member.

  • jake

    great ads. keep up the great work guys.

    Have any of you done a ride on the fisher mrx?

  • voxveho

    What’s a Ducait?

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    Xerox’s pitch – Blah Blah Blah streamlining yadda yadda jargon jargon blah.

    Ducati’s pitch – PRETTY BIKE GO FAST! FAST GOOD!

  • Slim Pickens

    Not like they need SBK next year, they’ve got the promotional dream team in MotoGP next year.

  • http://masonapostol.com masonapostol

    Where in the world does Ducati have a building like the one in the second video? I’ve been to Cupertino and Bologna; neither looks like that.

    Part of the appeal of Ducati bikes is that they are not made by a huge, gleaming corporation, but are stylish anyway.