Gyroscopic video camera + S1000RR = win

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You’ve seen gyroscopic onboard cameras in MotoGP this year, the camera angle stays upright while the bike leans over, conveying an accurate sense of just how far over riders like Rossi and Lorenzo get. Now, it appears the technology may be reaching the commercial market, ze Germans slapped one on a BMW S1000RR and took it to Hockenheim. We want one.

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via MotoJournal

  • Bikeralex

    Very cool but the angle adjustment is so smooth so it looks kind of like he leans the bike like a robot. But looks like the pro to that is great image stabilization.

  • NickK

    This guy is smooooooth. Clearly wasn’t Xaus riding.

  • yonian

    Why not leave the bike soundtrack alone?

    I don’t’ care if you use the coolest piece of music in all human history, it doesn’t belong here.

    Tastes may differ as to whether this particular soundtrack might have had merit if it hadn’t been hiding what I wanted to hear.

  • stepon

    Feels way too unnatural. Would much rather just tilt my head than feel like I was watching a bad greenscreen job. Helmet cam stuff feel much more exciting, they should focus on that cuz looks over shoulder and such could also be captured adding to viewer involvement…Bonus all GP riders would now sport a Techno-Mohawk!

    • panagiotis

      totally agree.. this looks like a videogame.

      unless you tilt your head aswell ;)

  • rgo

    Is that the gyro cam that was stolen off the back of Rossi’s bike?

  • pplassm

    1. I am surprised this took so long to develop. The technology (piezo-electric gyros and small servos) have been around for a long time in RC helicopters and airplanes. Perhaps no one knew they needed it.

    2. I am surprised that they took the electro-mchanical route to do it. I thought it all would have been done with image processing.

    3. I am surprised a lot.

  • mugget

    LOL @pplassm surprised.

    That is one slick video – I love it. Does anyone know how they did it? Did they really nick the gyro-cam off Rossi’s bike, or is it really an electronic controlled gyro?

    I just had an idea – why not just build a rotating weighted mount that would allow the camera to lean? I guess it wouldn’t work as the CoG would always remain pretty much in-line with the bike as it’s cornering? But this may warrant further investigation…