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“It’s Baltimore. No one lives forever.” — Thomas Carcetti

A group of filmmakers is trying to raise money so they can finish making a documentary about Baltimore’s illegal dirt bike scene. Want motorcycle culture? This is as pure as it gets.

Visit the documentary’s Kickstarter page to view an HD video, get details of what they’re doing and donate some cash money.

Here’s some videos to give you an idea of the scene in the city. More videos available here.

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Thanks for the tip, Beale.

  • uglyduc

    hey he’s got my dirt bike

    • amanlikemike

      For fuck’s sake! How old has everyone gotten? This is what it’s all about: dumb kids having fun on bikes. I’ll bet most folks here have read Hunter S Thompson’s ‘Hell’s Angels’ and thought it rules.hate to break it to ya, but this is the 21st Century equivalent. I found it inspiring, I may be wrong, but I did and I doubt it…

      If it wasn’t for this kind of carry-on in the past there would be no racing.

      And if there was a public MX track in Maryland, I strongly suspect we’d have a few more Bubba Stewarts to enjoy around now.

      Peas out!

  • seanslides

    They’ve got a similar thing going on in florida. ‘Cept in florida, they’re way into drag racing. When I was working for Thumper Racing, I used to get at least one call a month from a squid in florida who wanted a motor built to handle nitrous and make a bunch of power. Every time I asked what it was for, I’d get the same “We drag racin em son!” story.

    After I told them it cost 6 grand to build an 80hp 660cc KTM 525 motor, they always said they’d call me right back and hung up.

  • GuessWho

    I’m just glad NYC Fastest is not the only ones giving motorbikes a bad name and upsetting the community.

    • Wes Siler

      I want to see a NYC Fastest x Wildout Wheelie Boyz collaboration.

      • bikingteacher

        If you read the chest tattoo on the first video you would see that it is the Weelie Boyz.
        I love seeing the kids on the bicycles rolling the “weelies” all day long–roots.

      • GuessWho

        We at NYCF do not socialize with those types of people. Lol.

  • Mark D

    Seems like even the cops only make cursory efforts to catch these guys. And in Baltimore, who can blame them? WAY more important shit for cops to do than bust a group of guys having fun on dirt bikes and 4x4s.

    So everybody goes out after the Ravens game in their shiny custom cars, race bikes, dirt bikes, atvs, and just goes wild? Fuck, that shit would NEVER fly in Massachusetts. So jealous (about the get togethers…not living in Baltimore. That’s a rough town.)

  • danger

    This is like the jersey shore of the motorcycle world. I’m shaking my head but can’t stop watching.

  • Nikker

    This helmetless assholes are popping wheelies doind 20-30km/h on GODDAMN sidewalks and they are keeping it pure?

    Come on Hell for Leather, you are the best blog but this is complete shit. Pure motorcycle culture?

    • jamesat49

      Why is reporting on something the same as condoning it? If you had not watched theses videos this would still be happening in Baltimore…you simply wouldn’t know it.

    • Wes Siler

      No marketing bullshit, no self conscious brand whoring, no copying what the media tells them is cool, just kids riding bikes because they love them and as a way to elevate them out of horrendous poverty. Yes, this is as pure as culture gets.

      • DougD

        Wait a minute—riding motorcycles “as a way to elevate them out of horrendous poverty”?

        I gotta cry bullshit on that.

        I didn’t see a single one of them riding their dirtbike to work.

        All that other stuff you said is fine, but let’s face it: These people don’t seem too interested in elevating themselves out of poverty through motorcycling.

        • Wes Siler

          So instead they should just sit at home, be poor and make sure they don’t annoy wealthy white people?

          • DougD

            I draw a big distinction between recreation and upward mobility. They’re recreating, which is a good thing. They’re not improving their lot in life.

            • Wes Siler

              Sorry, didn’t mean financially elevate, I meant: find a way to forget that they’re shit poor and have no prospects in life, at least for a short while. That they choose to do that by riding bikes instead of doing drugs is pretty fucking awesome.

              • JimSmiffy

                I’m not judging these guys, I live in the hood of Oakland, my neighbor sells drugs and my across the street neighbor runs hookers to go along with the drugs he sells. But to assume that because these guys are riding bikes and into bike culture somehow they are adverse to drugs is pretty idealist and sounds mighty white of you Wes. How do we really know they’re not wheelieing down the sidewalk on drugs?

      • JohnC

        How are they elevating themselves out of poverty? By bankrupting a filmmaker?

  • Nikker

    A while ago a fellow biker pissed of the biking community for doing 86 on a 4 lane almost empty 60mph zone.
    He was then pointed a gun at by a man in civilian clothing and the authorities confiscated his computers. He could have been dead but he stayed calm.

    He pissed of the biking community. This helmetless guys though, they are pure motorcycle culture.

    • mmike

      Really? You’re THAT hung up on their not wearing helmets? Why does that bother you so much?

      Your wiretapping buddy went much faster than 86 on a busy highway (not “almost empty”). These guys, although inconsiderate jackasses, have picked a much better activity than the more common alternative of screwing with drugs and gangs in the city. Get the fuck over yourself.

  • OBronin

    As someone who lives in Baltimore let me tell you that these guys give riders a bad name with antics like riding on sidewalks, runing red lights, blocking intersections, etc. Dirtbikes are illegal in the city and Balitmore police can’t chase them due to department policy so any attempts to get these guys off the streets is half hearted at best.

    Here’s a sample of “scene in the city” that IMO HFL just gave a big shout out to:

    Running red lights, crashing, and assaulting the guy who they hit

    Lowsiding with a 2 year old on board causing a wreck that kills a legit rider

    • Grant Ray

      Where’s this “shout out” you speak of? HFL covered a story about a film crew needing funding to finish a documentary on an illegal biker scene in Baltimore.

      • zipp4

        Grant, I’m usually with you on these things. However, you cant ask your readers to donate money to this cause and then pull the innocent journalist card.

        That said, I live in Baltimore and it actually pretty interesting to see that this is newsworthy. Its something you get used to here.

        • Mark D

          They’re soliciting donations to finish a documentary, not give dirtbikes to 12 yr olds. The clips are just to show that this is interesting, and that the film crew is professional and producing good work.

      • JohnC

        In Wes’s comment about their being pure.

  • pplassm

    Stay out of Baltimore. I do.

    Seen “The Wire”? Lots of worse stuff going on.

    • DougD

      Am I weird since I found the first couple episodes of The Wire boring? … never started watching it again since.

  • chismatic

    I understand your claim that this phenomenon is pure. These cats are unregulated by a governing body. They have little respect for the cops that have historically given them a hard time whether they are riding or not. They’re what motorcycling was for all of us at some point in time; a rebellion against the boredom and safety of modern life. They’re the distilled essence of outlaw biking. I also understand not liking what they are doing. There is pretty much no way in hell that I would roll with these cats. But to not hold some hint of reverence for them is… well, that’s just hating freedom.

  • moby grape

    Try that shit in any other part of town and see how far you get.

  • pplassm

    Just to clear up one inaccuracy in the videos, there is NO legal, public riding area in the state of Maryland.

  • motomoto

    This discussion is crazy. It’s not about legal or illegal, helmets or no helmets or a journalist agreeing with an activity. It’s about film makers needing money to finish a documentary. Without film makers documenting this, no one is going to know about it. If it’s caused this much discussion and emotion on a small scale think about what it could do on a larger one.

  • slowestGSXRever

    This is awesome. Thanks to HFL for at least showing us this stuff. Mental note: don’t ride around Baltimore on Sunday.

  • bob

    Different east coast city, but when the dirt bikers start zooming around my urban neighborhood park, I call the police. One day when they run over a dog or child, you’ll understand why.

  • vic

    funny how people lash out at hfl for’s like being called a nazi for supporting a WWII documentary

    btw if these guys are so poor how can they afford to buy dirtbikes .i spotted some pretty nifty bikes
    also dirtbikes are expensive to run
    should i assume they stole them?
    if they where gypsies and they rode scooters then yes 90% of the time they are stolen,but they’re not

  • cameron

    yeah, this is rad. i don’t know why everyone’s getting all bent out of shape. this is a minor blip on the radar of societal problems. i would absolutely love to rip around LA on a dirt bike causing trouble.

  • oceanpaddler

    ahhhh the power of film. there is no medium capable of suspending the mental faculties quite like film

    yeah this is cool
    freedom and adrenaline, all that
    dirt bikes in a severe urban environment
    rebellion and the middle finger, yeah
    …unless everyday people are scared to go for a walk on a Sunday
    …until mothers are crying because their teenager’s face has been ripped off by gravel rash
    ..until innocent bystanders get smashed in the face by a 30 mph, 160kg front wheel

    those of you unreservedly cheering on squadrons of testosterone-filled teenagers wheelying down sidewalks are gullible cretins who’ve been sucked in by a nicely shot flick with a cool soundtrack

  • Doubledge

    i hate it when people say. (oh there going to kill some kid playing in the park or whatever). it dont happen. if a motorcycle hits anything…the only person going to get hurt is the motorcycle rider. more cars kill people then bikes by far. drunk drivers kill whole familys everyday. leave motorcycle riders alone. they aint hurting anyone.

    • sanjuro

      Bullshit. That’s like the logic Goldfinger uses to defend his plan to kill everyone at Fort Knox: American drivers kill as many every two years.

      If you ride a motorcycle, you’re riding a rocket. Maybe it is suicide for the rider, but if you are pushing it in the urban environment, others are at risk.

      Say whatever you want, but take responsibility when you sit on two wheels.

  • sanjuro

    I’m a mountain biker as well as a street rider.

    I ride the parks in Oakland and SF, and it is not safe.

    I also ride the “illegal trails” deemed too dangerous for bikers by the non-riders who seemingly own our public parks.

    The difference between me and these riders is I leave no trace. No tire prints, no trail damage, not even a sound to wake you.

  • mikeqube

    I wonder what would happen if the police did a VIN check on these bikes. I’m willing to bet that more would come back as stolen than not.