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Jorge Lorenzo, pictured imitating Valentino Rossi’s post-race role-playing, told La Stampa, “Valentino did not teach me anything.” Lorenzo then goes on to insist that he didn’t, under any circumstances, no way, no how, definitely, un-categorically, undeniably, never learned a thing from Rossi. In fact, Valentino was quite mean about it. You know what? He actually picked up all his little tricks from Max Biaggi, who’s also mean. So there.

La Stampa (translated)

  • jwinter

    I am a fan of Lorenzo but he needs to keep the boastful Jorge in check. Not only does he have a long way to go before he can surpass Rossi in the books, if he makes a couple stupid mistakes, he will see championship #1 disappear into Pedrosa’s hands.
    Just saying.

    • Your_Mom

      Agreed. Jorge is obviously extremely talented and can win his first MotoGP title this year by keeping a cool head.

      What also is obvious is that both Vale’ and he have huge egos which are causing a few sparks. Next season will be interesting.

  • george_fla

    -leathers over boots
    -left/right thing goin on with leathers and helmet
    -man servant
    -post race antics

    Nope Jor-gey didnt learn anything from VR46. lol

    • 2ndclasscitizen

      The leathers-over-boots is how Dainese make their race boots, it’s not a Rossi thing.

      • Wes Siler

        Actually, Rossi originated that design.

  • odiewan

    I respect Geor-hey’s riding ability and talent, but com’on, man, get over yourself.

  • robotribe

    Insecure much, Jorge?

  • Dave H

    I want to like him, his post race antics are sometimes amusing, but I can’t help but think he’s an enormous douchebag. Stuff like this isn’t really changing that opinion either.

  • the_doctor

    Jorge should just change his number to 46 and get it over with.

  • patrice

    Actually he said “vale did not teach me anything” and not “I’m not learn anything from vale”. Vale can’t teach him because the wall and we all now why that wall standing.

    • george_fla

      And why is that wall there patrice?

  • circuitsports

    breaking news from Disneyland – Lorentho not tall enough to ride the tea cups.

    This guy is a bitch face just like Alonzo in F1 and like the “bawler” his memory will soon fade into the history filled with other has been’s.

    Rossi is forever

  • Deltablues

    I honestly once believed that Jorge’s post race antics this year was some sort of meta-mockery of Valention Rossi; that Jorge was immitating Valentino to make him look (more likely feel) ridiculous. Like maybe it was the ultimate psyche-out mind game. Maybe I was wrong.

    • Deltablues

      what the heck is Valention? Meant ‘Valentino’.

  • flexi


    vale erected the wall because he saw jorge as a threat (and didnt want to share data with him ),which, eventually he has turned out to be.
    when jorge first turned up i thought he was a bit of a douche, as you lot say, but when he started flying through the air and landing on his head i started to like him more, now he is strolling away with the title – not so much.

    one thing i will say though, when stoner was winning every race or droning on about his dairy intolerance, or pedroasa was standing on the podium with his bored little midget face, gp fans moan that there is no fun or sense of joy from racers, jorge wins and jumps in a lake and almost drowns (seemed genuine) or pretends to stick his flag on the moon (a bit lame but hey he’s trying) and he gets slated for being a vale copycat…

  • cityag

    I’m a big Rossi fan, but I love what Lorenzo is doing. For every complaint about how “boring” the actual race may be, the other 167 hours of the racing week are much more entertaining because of these two.

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