Keira Knightley and a Ducati 750SS: two-wheeled perfection

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Shot on the set of her latest Chanel commercial, these photos of Keira Knightley, a Ducati 750SS and a matching suede jumpsuit represent a motorcycle ideal that we didn’t think possible. It helps that we’re suckers for tall, thin brunettes.

Like the other ads in Keira’s series for Chanel, this is clearly intended to recreate a look from a specific time period. The bike, the colors, the outfit, this is the 1960s. Think a modern, less gender role-challenging than Marianne Faithfull and “The Girl on a Motorcycle.”

The only problem? Keira clearly can’t ride a bike. Fantasy destroyed.

Some nice product placement from Ruby Helmets too.

Celebrity Mania via Bikes In The Fast Lane

  • velocipede

    Nice pics. Not a sportclassic, though, so much as the bike that inspired it.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, clearly I wasn’t looking at the bike. You’re much less distracted me.

  • The Lawyer

    This is possibly your best work to date. Velocipede is clearly looking at the wrong type of model.

  • velocipede

    Au contraire :) KK is probably the only person I’ve ever seen who can dress as a pirate and still make it look good (bike or no!). I’m such a sucker for tall, thin, brunettes, in fact, that I married one!

  • chili sv

    “Keira clearly can’t ride a bike.”

    Likely, the only way they could group the riders that closely or to get the close-ups on her face was to attach the bike to a dolly. That and I’m trying desperately to restore the fantasy.

  • mugget

    w00t w00t!!

    I was just thinking the other day, I haven’t seen much of Keira (or Natalie) lately. So, ahh… good to see! Maybe she’s not a motorcyclist, but that’s okay – I have a great imagination. Let the fantasy continue!

  • telekom

    OK so if you want pics of a beautiful woman on a Ducati who CAN ride, take a look here. I’ve never heard of Jacqui Van Ham before but here she is looking very cool.

  • Cajun58

    I bought my daughter a Pirates of the Caribbean toy set that had a KK action figure which I nicked for myself.

    • Wes Siler

      That’s kind of weird.

  • vic

    + looks underage with party van in the bubba special for me;take Syler

    • vic

      Siler whatever just take him and that guy wih a doll fetish