Meet the Queen Stars, Japan’s elite female motorcycle police squad

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Out of just under 300,000 total police officers in all of Japan, there’s only 13,500 women. What are the chances then that Tokyo would have an elite squad of female motorcycle officers? Here, the Queen Stars, as they’re nicknamed, demonstrate their special skills aboard Honda VFR800Ps.

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This first video shows the Metropolitan Police Female Motorcycle Officers Squad, as they’re formally known, demonstrating safe riding techniques that can be employed by civilians.

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In this second video, the female officers show off some of the advanced skills they’re required to perform as part of their duties. We can’t find information on what the Queen Stars are specifically tasked with day-to-day, but other similar bike forces in other countries typically take advantage of their machine’s size, speed and manueverability to rapidly respond to traffic, safety or security incidents in congested metropolitan areas; manage traffic flow during events or other unique circumstances and escort VIPs through cities. That last role is again due to the manueverability and speed of of the motorcycles, which allows the officers to leap frog the convoy, reaching intersections before the convoy does in order to halt traffic, then catching up again once the VIP is safely through.

Judging by the relative rarity of female officers in the Japan’s National Police Agency, the Queen Stars also likely play a public outreach role, demonstrating a a positive, diverse image of the police while also reinforcing its image as a highly-skilled, well-equipped, snazzily-dressed organization.

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  • Mark D

    Too bad they don’t have any video of them combining to form the Mecha-Interceptor.

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    eric estrada be damned

  • Emmet

    Although they are performing maneuvers you can pick up at a MSF rider course, those are hefty bikes they’re throwing down. Impressive, minus the 60′s era future cop look. I’d much rather prefer a serious cop outfit. (SO much sexier IMO, but maybe that’s why they didn’t choose that look!).

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  • pushrod

    ..i wish the Sydney cops would look like that… pretty funky!