More 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R photos leak

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Prompted by last night’s leak of the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R, English paper MCN has gone ahead and published these photos of Kawasaki’s new superbike. New details? 198kg (wet), 185bhp (est), traction control. Also, check out those Showa Big Piston forks and the near-horizontal rear shock.

Update: Italian site Motorbox has joined in the embargo break fun. You’ll find the press shots they published below and a translation of their spec sheet here.

via MCN

  • Beast Incarnate

    And the embargo walls come tumbling down in a rain of hellfire. It’s a beautiful thing.

    The shock arrangement looks a lot like what they did on the ’10 Z1000. Considering I love that bike, I hope this ZX10R does well. Kawasaki is the only one of the big four making any meaningful strides lately. I want that to pay off.

  • mchale2020

    The bike looks gorgeous. Hopefully Kawasaki has put together a bike as desirable as the ZX-6.

    Would a more knowledgeable suspension guy say that the shock placement will make the bike better?

    • seanslides

      That shock placement will likely have either no effect on suspension function. It’s still got a linkage, so they can control how fast the shock moves in relation to the swing-arm just as well as before. Will it make it better? Eh… I’d guess they did it for packaging reasons. All those little black boxes of traction control, ABS, etc have to go somewhere.

  • ike6116

    Im more of a Standard motorcycle guy, the super sports don’t really do anything but I must say this bike is liquid sex

    • robotribe

      Standard/naked bike guy here too, but I have to admit, it does look good.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Has Aprilia’s design staff been doing under-the-table work for Kawasaki? The nose is pure RS125, the exhaust can is the piece they just replaced on the RSV4, and everything in between has more than a lilt of Italian.

    Not that Kawasaki would just, y’know, just out and COPY them….

  • jpenney

    “… as well as a section of suction deeply magazine .”

    I love Google translate. There’s always some gem like this when it’s used.

    • Wes Siler


  • UrbanRider

    It does look really nice. FOR A JAPANESE BIKE. It’s hardly an 848 or F4.

  • -TB-

    Does the front remind anybody else of the bimota Tesi 3D?

  • voxveho

    it’s definitely a strange looking bike. it’s got a hunchback kinda thing going on. function over form?

  • MikeD


    Tail section: FAIL! Looks Horrible compared to Race Version. Fender or no Fender still FUGLY.

    Wheels: FAIL! Why go back to Ancient Looking 3spokes style, ITS ALMOST 2011 FOR GOD’S SAKE, IT looks HORRIBLE. I don’t care if it weights 100grams a piece.
    Whats wrong with knocking off some Carrozeria’s styled wheels ? Or something similar to the Race Bike Version ? Even the 6 spoke ones from the previus model but these.

    Windshield: FAIL! Looks like something of an aftertougth and tacked in place (CHEAP). MAYBE if it was blacked out where it meets the instrument cover OR integrated to the front fairing ?

    I was gonna mention Fugly Muffler but that’s something easely Fix by the aftermarket. Nevertheless, the routing of the LeoVince on the side was a great alternative look, why didn’t they (Kawi) adopted that routing beats me. I think the stock muffler looks horrible cause its broken into 2 halves pointing upward at different angles. The one piece design on the RSV4 looks better.

    Headligths are a marked improvement, not pretty but way better looking than Projectors.

    I think they OVER-HYPED this thing too much and now i feel dissapointed cause it brings almost nothing new to the table (no wierd engine mounting as Husqvarna like on the patent drawings, no cookie cutter breaking looks…u mention it.

    Those 1098, 1198, RSV4 & S1000RR are starting to look more delicious year after year if this trend keeps up and Japan Inc don’t check their feelings at the door.

  • deckard

    I love green, but that Kawasaki is just puke ugly, flat, cheap looking, and always has been.

    Why didn’t Kawasaki show some balls and stick with this as the new company color back in 2007?

  • The Lawyer

    I think Kawi should just slap a RSV4 sticker on it and call it a fire sale. KIRF.

    • MikeD