Nicky Hayden gets his own font

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What you’re looking at is a custom font created specifically for Nicky Hayden by House Industries. Loud and just a little funkadelic, the Kentucky Kid had his name emblazoned in it for the Indianapolis GP. The project came about as part of Alpinestars’ Apex Initiative, a collaboration project intended to make the brand a little more relevant to pop culture. Other collaborators include Fatlace and Parc Ferme.

House Industries

  • Maas

    Awesome stuff – dig the fonts from HI, wish I can afford them all.

  • until

    SoCal and Kentucky are quite a ways apart. Strange collabo.

    • Grant Ray

      Geographically, yes. But in the fraternity of Epsilon-Flat-Billta, they may as well be bong-bros.

      • until

        I’ll agree with that. But still. Fatlace is about the hellaflush/dorifto/ruckus/fixie/street culture-wear of LA. Nicky Hayden is country boy/redblooded ‘merica. Don’t know much about Parc Ferme.

  • cityag

    His recent results indicate that maybe Nick should spend less time on haircuts and fonts.

  • DougD

    I believe what we’re looking at here, folks, is a type face.

    • Beast Incarnate

      Are you sure that you really want to be that guy?

      • DougD

        I would expect the purveyors of this website, who espouse and critique design, to know the difference.

        • Beast Incarnate

          Your assumption is that they don’t. Maybe the question worth considering is, “Why would they use the technically wrong term?”

        • Grant Ray

          Oh, I know the difference. But that’s because I’ve worked in the field of graphic design, whereas Wes hasn’t. In fact, most people haven’t, which is why I didn’t bother to correct the article. You see, I really loathe self-righteous graphic designers who assume the world should know and study the nuances of the craft called typography. Go ask an architect what the difference is between a typeface and a font. She’ll likely groan and then demand you explain the differences between Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, things that are to most people nothing more than barely different kinds of ancient pretty columns.

          I am content enough that graphic design and motorcycles can be discussed in a conversation that isn’t about BNG.

        • vic

          not to create a shitstorm of letters here but isn’t that technically a logo? because i clicked the link and all it’s showed was some guy drawing kentuckykid on a piece of paper
          shouldn’t a font or a typeface have a complete set of letters?

          • Beast Incarnate

            Yes. Per the reference link, it’s a “lettering project,” so calling it a logo might be more appropriate.

            I suspect I may never see another article here ever dealing with this subject matter again.

          • Grant Ray

            Vic, that’s actually a really good question, as I’m not sure what the technical name is for the identifier on the back of a athlete’s uniform. Regardless if it’s football, baseball or hockey, it’s always been “that place where your name goes.” I also can only think of professional motorcycling as the singular instance in which the name/identifier has taken on such highly graphic type treatments to express individual personality, to the point where followers assume the identifier functions as nothing more than a kind of branding device. Anyone have an answer for this one?

          • Beast Incarnate

            Grant – it’s just called lettering, from what I can gather. Maybe you can toss on an adjective to spice it up, like custom lettering. Adjectives are exciting.

            Gotta say, though. I’m surprised the design peanut gallery hasn’t chimed in with a more professional and authoritative response.

  • DanHF

    Grant – you call Hell For Leather a magazine right? Well, magazines have editors who would have corrected that before publication. Just admit that Hell For Leather is a blog. Nothing wrong blogs of course, but blogs aren’t held to the same journalistic standards as magazines.

    Also, It’s silly to loathe DougD. I for one am glad he pointed out the error. It made me google “typeface vs font”. Now I know the difference and am smarter because of it.

    • Grant Ray

      Pretty sure print makes just as many mistakes as online. This may surprise you, but sadly no publication is immune, such is humanity.