Photos: the biggest moped parts inventory in North America

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Dan Kastner! of 1977 Mopeds fame and a member of the infamous bathroom burnout gang just inked a deal to take over sales  for the largest and oldest inventory of moped parts in the country. Housed in Columbus, Ohio, the Handybikes collection represents the old 1970s model of parts distribution, storing them haphazardly in a dark warehouse. Dan Kastner! is tasked with cataloging this huge mess of over 12,000 individual parts, then modernizing its distribution with an online inventory. His goal? A 24-hour turnaround time for all orders. Look at these pictures and feel sorry for Dan, but not for too long, this deal makes 1977 the largest moped parts distributor in the world.

1977 Mopeds

  • Core

    From the images, the idea of modernizing all that… well seems to be a monumental task. Good luck. Is all I can say.

  • Brammofan

    Just had a deja vu of the hardware store my father owned while I was growing up. It had been a hardware store since the 1920s and it had absolutely everything anyone would ever need in stock . . . if you knew were to find it. Yes, we have 3/4″ fine thread castellated nuts – give me a second and I’ll find those for you.

  • dan

    That is going to be the trick with the whole thing. Right now the entire inventory lives only in the head of a man that has been working there since 1970 something. It is going to be a challenge. But fun.