Secret Ducati muscle bike crashes

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One of the prototypes for the Ducati Project 0803 muscle bike has been crashed while testing in Italy.

Believe it or not, it doesn’t appear as if the test rider crashed due to the incredible girth of the 0803’s 240-section rear tire, but instead was hit by a turning car.

In another note, MCN has reported (and a bunch of people have copied without finding a second source, journalism is alive and well folks) that Ducati plans to call its “fundamental breach of brand trust and honesty” the Ducati Diavel, Bolognese for “devil.” We sincerely hope that’s not the case, that name is nearly as mis-judged as that rear tire.

The Ducati Fundamental Breach is scheduled for an official debut at EICMA in November, but it’ll likely leak just before then.

via RomagnaNOI

Thanks for the tip, Matt.

  • John

    I suggest a large application of Ben Gay and a motorcycle sling.

  • nickr

    “Secret Ducati muscle bike crashes”…
    See, God hates their new bikes too!

  • keithh

    Well, thats an inventive way to “leak” “spy photos” :P


    Goddamn cagers!

    • Beast Incarnate

      It’s us versus them out there! We’re number one! Boo, cagers!

  • TeeJay

    “was hit by a turning car”
    On a straight road with barrage line?! Hm…

  • Duke Boyne

    I was really expecting “…single bike accident, apparently the rider went wide on a negotiable corner, and ended up in a ditch… Film at 11.”

  • the_doctor

    It looks like this has already leaked plenty… on the side of the road.


  • Liquidogged

    I like how the bike is still lying on its side in the photos. I picture the Italians as being too disgusted to pick it up, and secretly wanting to leave it there in the hopes that ducati would forget all about this freakish horrible thing and go back to WSBK.