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There’s a tiny garage in the heart of Brooklyn’s Bushwick, the last building on a dead end street, that houses the builders Johnny Coast and Seth Rosko. While Coast focuses on creating perfect braze-welded steel bicycles by hand to order, Rosko is a touch more crazy. He wrenches on vintage race bikes ranging from standard beaters to ultra-rare Dunstall Nortons, builds parts for those race bikes like hand-rolled megaphones for ex-works Hondas and chambers to spec, is the 2009 and 2010 FIM 50cc N.A. Supervintage Champion, 2010 250 GP N.A. Champion, etc., etc. Since that’s obviously not enough for a day’s work, he also builds bicycles, plus he helps build some of the best skate parks in New York like Greenpoint’s Autumn Bowl and the C-squat ramp. Damned over-achievers.

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Shop: Rosko/Coast

  • robotribe

    Damn. If they had a bar and was in my neighborhood, I’d be there 5 days a week.

  • WoosterSauce

    I wish I was cool. :(

  • Mark D

    Hey should combine his two talents/businesses and make custom mopeds!

    I’m also digging that Aladdin Sane race jacket.

  • Steve781

    What really amazes me is how these shops can produce enough income to support the owners. Is this their only source of income, or do they do this as a hobby that sometimes brings in some money?

    Also, love the illustrations on the tool peg wall and cabinets. I’ll be stealing that idea.

  • Neil Fenton

    Seth makes amazing bikes. Excellent welder. I get dibs on his beer.