Spy Video: Triumph Tiger 1200

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In addition to the Triumph Tiger 800, it appears that Triumph plans a 1200cc, three-cylinder rival to the R1200GS. Captured on video cruising down the highway, the Triumph Tiger 1200 is noticeably bulkier than the 800 and equipped with what looks like a larger exhaust and tank to accommodate the extra engine capacity. Rumors are also swirling of additional Triumph models adopting this new engine.

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This video and some of the new spy photos of the 800 in the gallery below (we’ve sort of mixed and matched from new and old material to give you a definitive set of photos) come from German magazine Motorrad, which sources them to Triumph. That’s interesting, because several of them have appeared in MCN, with the English paper claiming they were snapped by their own spy photographers. We discussed Triumph’s plan to manipulate the press previously.

Reaching out to several international journalists, the consensus seems to be that French website Moto-Station has the inside line on the new 1200cc triple, claiming that it’ll also appear in a refreshed 2011 Triumph Speed Triple. According to the frogs, the motor should be good for 140bhp and a considerable torque boost over the current 1050cc engine’s 76lb/ft. There’s also talk of some sort of sensible pillion accommodation, a reduced weight and only a slightly increased price.

As for the Tiger 1200? MCN says it’s spy photographer, Tue Mantoni, has told them the engine will be detuned slightly to around 125bhp, there’ll be shaft drive with single-sided swingarm, a tubular steel frame, fully-defeatable ABS, a choice of high or low front mudguards and yes, a freakin’ huge tank.

  • CG

    The “old” Tiger was fine, provided you were 6′ tall, us mere 5’8″s need not apply. Hopefully, they will address that, at least the Beemers give seat height options. Oh, also, the porkulitis that afflicts the replacement for the ST, the GT, might also be avoided. Cross fingers.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Yeah, there’s talk of the Speed Triple 1200 being less porktacular than the 1050, here’s hoping.

      • robotribe

        As long as it’s lighter than the CBR1000 and Z1000, it’ll have game. If it comes close to or matches Monster 1100 weight and is competitively priced, it will MURDER the big naked competition, especially if the 140hp number is true.

    • Glenngineer

      The short men of the world need to accept that ‘Adventure’ bikes, if they ever hope to leave pavement, need some height. Nothing makes me weep faster than a lowered GSA with TKCs, except maybe a lowered 990.

      • BMW11GS

        Agreed! I a lowered GSA doesn’t deserve that final A.

        • pplassm

          Short people got, no reason to live……

  • pplassm

    Gawd, what an ugly muffler.