The Don looks dapper on dirt

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Day-glo colors and “Saved By The Bell” graphics a bit immature for you? Now you can dress like a real gentleman, an Italian American gentleman, while you’re riding off-road. Shift’s The Don suit is based on their affordable Recon range, but the Journey soundtrack is sold separately.


  • the_doctor


    But seriously, who is in the market for this?

    Probably the dude with the ZX-10 and the green mohawk helmet.

  • NickK

    Wow. Someone’s getting fired soon.

  • MTGR

    I think I would rather be seen in day-glo colors or “Saved by the Bell” graphic.

    Of even that Yamaha YZ introduced Magenta color from the eighties.

  • HCEsco

    Absolutely love it. It’s hilarious. Will get one just to wear it on ski slopes or as rain gear while commuting.

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