The fabulous lifestyle of King Kenny Roberts

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Kenny Roberts is selling his famous Modesto, California ranch, giving regular schmoes like you and me a rare look inside the training ground/private retreat to MotoGP gods like Wayne Rainey and Kenny Roberts Junior. Even Jorge Lorenzo has ridden the miles of dirt tracks and the oval at the ranch.
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The Kenny Roberts Home is a 4,600 square foot custom log home with six bedroom, four baths and a commercial kitchen. Out back there’s a pool and outbuildings that contain a sauna, video and weight room and even a wine cellar. The home is located on 166 acres of native grassland bordered by almond and walnut farms and shares the property with a three-car garage complete with machine shop, a temperature-controlled bike museum with an internal mezzanine and indoor RV parking. There’s also several dirt  bike tracks including an oval and and assorted jumps. Near the oval Kenny’s installed a stocked catfish pond.

The property’s been priced at $9,000-an-acre for the land and $130-a-square-foot for the house, plus assorted prices for the extra buildings and amenities. It’s listed at $2.8 million all-in, a price the real estate agent told us would be a bargain for potential buyers  and just enough to cover the money Kenny’s put into the place. Howard Hartvickson, the agent, also says there’s been several interested parties since he listed the property in late August, but that it’s still available. If you’re interested, you can reach him on (209) 606-3547.

So why’s Kenny leaving such an amazing property? He wants to spend more time playing golf, which means he needs to live closer to the courses. He’ll be moving into a golfing community to make that possible. Still, he realizes the property holds way more significance than an ordinary ranch, he’d love to find a motorcyclist that would appreciate its history as a buyer.

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  • specialist

    HFL timeshare perhaps? I’ll pitch in! With 100,000 or so others. We can all spend ~12hrs a yr there.

  • prasanth

    if your math is right, count me in too! come on guys, lets do tis

  • the_doctor

    If there were 100,000 people that read HFL, Wes could buy this Kenny’s place outright. That’s how the internet works, right?

  • noone1569

    I’m in. I’ll buy 4 x shares so I can spend a weekend there!

  • mchale2020

    Wow, this article totally unwinds the correlation sport bike jocks like to make about golfing and track days.

  • vigor

    He’s right down the street from my uncle’s nursery (Dave Wilson Nursery)! I had no idea. Next time I visit I have to check that out, and get a tour of the museum. I bass fish all the lakes around there. Now if I could just find a spare $2.8 million.

  • pdub

    It’s good to be King!

  • pinkyracer

    So who bought it?!?! What’s the ranch up to now that the King has (sadly) retired to the golf course?

  • Pete

    According to the March 2013 Motorcycle Consumer News, Kenny still lives at the ranch.