The proper location for a KTM license plate

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Simple, immediate and a clever brand message. Of course this isn’t an American KTM ad. Created by the same Turkish agency that had KTM peeing on roads like Calvin on a [insert domestic pickup brand here], “License Plate” suggests you’ll be spending so much time in the air on a KTM that, in order to remain effective, your license plate should be mounted on the sump. They even made it an Austrian plate.

via Bikes in the Fastlane

  • jaski_sm

    great idea for an ad

  • Slim Pickens

    They could do the same for their supermotards, since a properly ridden one spends most of its time on the back wheel anyways. :D

  • Brammofan

    The ad could also imply that the KTM spends a lot of its time toppled over, with the rider clutching his/her leg, bone protruding. But yeah, I get the other possible meaning, too. Kind of like the upside down Jeep bumper sticker that says, “If you can read this, please flip Jeep upright.”

    • Wes Siler

      This is a KTM, not a blue Brammo Enertia we’re talking about.

  • VeeArrrSix

    Clever ad.