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Kicking out 41bhp, this Honda RS125-powered streamliner just reached a two-way average speed of 146.77mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats, setting a new land speed record for the capacity. Also, don’t you just want to pick it up and cuddle it?

Photos: Nicolaus Czarnecki

Scott Kolb was aiming for a 27-year-old record of 136.1mph. Previously Scott and the bike had reached 126mph in the unfaired category so he knew, with a little modification, an outright record should be possible.

The custom-framed land speed racer is equipped with radically altered geometry and a 98-inch wheelbase that allows the rider and engine to fit between the tiny wheels. According to Scott, the center of gravity is barely higher than the axles, something that’s helped by the hub-center steered front end. The Martin Eurosports-built 1996 Honda RS125 engine produces 41bhp at sea level, meaning power is probably reduced to about 36bhp in Utah.

To prepare for this attempt, the unfaired bike was stretched 40 inches, equipped with a radically streamlined fairing and water-to-water chillers replaced the un-aerodynamic radiator, which allowed the frontal area to be reduced by one square foot.

Scott reckons higher speeds should be possible with slightly taller gearing, to his surprise it felt like the bike could pull it, “I was in over-rev through the timed mile and could have geared for 155MPH if I had one more day of competition. Next

That’s not to say that everything went smoothly out on the salt during this year’s BUB speed trials. “Given the bike is a two stroke that is held wide open for over 75 seconds, every nut and bolt has to be either safety wired or given a generous helping
of loctite,” Scott tells us. “The hub center assembly in my haste to complete the bike did not get a generous helping of loctite and what you see is a bolt that had backed its way out.”

“So when I ran our first complete run which turned into a record breaking run
I heard a squeaking noise emanating from the front and thought a wheel
bearing was cooked which would have ended the week as the bearings are not
off the shelf. This would have sucked as we went 142 and I knew with a
little more gear I could gain 4-5 miles per hour. But it turned out to be a
loose screw and all was well and we thankfully did not have an accident due
to the screw rubbing on the swingarm. YIKES!!!”

“We put loctite on all the screws, geared a bit taller and had enough time to
run on the fifth day which is when I bumped our time to 146.77.”

Scott’s sponsors include: Olive Builders, Moto-Volociti,, Bob Gaydos Auto Body, Cosentino Engineering and

  • Patrick from Astoria

    I know this isn’t really the point, but wow, think of what it would do with an off-the-shelf 600.

  • the_doctor

    “Given the bike is a two stroke that is held wide open for over 75 seconds, every nut and bolt has to be either safety wired or given a generous helping
    of loctite”

    That is amazing. I would love to hear the pass.

    • Patrick from Astoria

      Jackhammer mit Doppler shift.

  • Gildasd

    41 HP is pretty normal for a 2T 125. A slightly tuned MITO (parts sold by Cagiva) in the 1990′s was allready doing 37hp. This is begging for more…

    • Cajun58

      I would question the ability of a single cylinder 125 two stroke making 41 hp and running wide open for over a minute to tolerate much more in terms of power output and still hang together.

  • telekom

    The big tub of ice must for the rider’s nuts – there isn’t even a seat on that thing and the rider is straddling it in a very uncomfortable looking position… ouch.

  • JeffNY

    I don’t see a picture of the bike here or in the gallery. This new web page format they are using is AWFUL!! Even the text is hard to read, especially on the textured background…a very thin gray font on a textured background with at gray texture…insane. Fire the guy who did this new format!! And then fix it.

    • Wes Siler

      Sounds like you have a shitty computer. How dare you view our website on a shitty computer, I mean the nerve of it! You’re fired as a reader, at least until such a time as you obtain a viewing device made this century.

      • JeffNY

        You can’t fire me, I quit. And I can see it fine (except doe the missing pictures). And the site looks crappy. Are they REALLY trying to use WordPress (blog software) for this whole site now?? I use WordPress on my site ( and it’s fine for what it does. But they may be asking too much of it…besides using this horrible hard to read font.

        • JeffNY

          Just make the pictures on your site viewable and make the pages readable. Is that so hard? Why do people have to try and do all this fancy non-sense. “Fancy” is fine when it works. This don’t work.

          • Brammofan

            JeffNY – I see the images just fine on my home and my work pc. And I am seeing a white background with black type. Very readable. Just checked it on three different browsers – IE7, Chrome, and Firefox. Looks the same. Are you still using Netscape?

          • JeffNY

            Ok, apologies to HellForLeather. After some poking around I found they host most of their pics now on flickr now, and some of my internet blocking software was blocking them. As to the font, my opinion is still it’s way too small and the line weight too thin to be easily readable, especially on this textured background.

    • stempere

      The font is actually black (#000000), maybe your screen isn’t properly calibrated.

      On topic :
      I would shit myself going that fast on something so thin and light. Incredible.