This is the face of Triumph’s new Tiger

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Intended to promote the range of adventure touring accessories that’ll be available for the upcoming Triumph Tiger 800, these pictures are instead the clearest look we’ve yet had of the bike itself. Don’t worry, Tigers are as afraid of us as we are of them.

Caught off guard while sneaking through a photo studio, this surprised face belongs to the regular Tiger 800, the Triumph Tiger 800 XC will wear a longer front mud guard. You can see that bike’s knobby rear tire peaking out from behind the shot of the optional aluminum and plastic panniers.

As we’ve laboriously discussed in all the previous Tiger “leaks,” the new adventure bike is going to come in two versions. The plain Triumph Tiger 800 is road-oriented with a 19-inch front wheel, while the Triumph Tiger 800 XC is a more dedicated off-road model with that extended front mudguard, a 21-inch front wheel and knobby tires.

As evidenced by these photos, the non-XC Tiger will wear Pirelli Scorpion Trail tires. We’ve got experience with those, and while they’re surprisingly decent on-road, they definitely don’t do much off it.

Also seen in detail here is the Tiger’s new steel tube frame and especially beefy looking exposed rear subframe. Check out the R1200GS-like two-part seat too. That seat and subframe should make it really easy to carry all sorts of luggage. The exposed shock linkage might prove a little less dirt-friendly, easily collecting every bit of muck.

This long tease is scheduled to end on October 5th, when the bikes will be unveiled at Intermot Cologne.

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  • phobos512

    Looks like the Yammie Tenere now. I like the old version better. Even if this one is actually capable of going offroad. Ah well.

  • seanslides

    BMW meets decepticons, gains symmetry. Looks good so far.

    • robotribe


  • young-blood

    From what I can tell it looks awesome from every angle but the front. Why oh why must every dual-sport be so fugly from the neck up? At least it doesn’t have the enormous, rhinoplasty needing schnoz of the multi. Cant we have more stuff like this:
    Or this:
    Not saying it has to be as boring as a KLR.Or as function based as the 800GS. But, you know, maybe more like a tough single headlight than a weird, probably expensive to replace, owl eyes/ bat eared sort of thing. Just venting.

  • young-blood

    But, also, you know, with a working windshield. Not saying all dualies must look like scramblers.

  • miles_prower

    Loving the new look so far! Way cooler than the Multistrada, although the converted MTS in young-blood’s post does look much better than a stock MTS. (I own a Terblanche MTS — the second ugliest bike on the planet. The new MTS 1200 is the first!) Can’t wait to see the whole bike, and as soon as one shows up at my local Ducati/Triumph dealer, I’m heading down for a test ride!!!!

  • DirectorLJ

    Does it need the cheesy “TIGER” right under the iconic logo. Triumph is all you have to say, it doesn’t get cooler than that!
    This is, clearly, going to be a great bike with that engine. Also very happy to see that attention to wind/turbulent management, which is an issue with the 1050. Its not, however, yet compelling me to sell the Tiger1050 which is a fantastic sport tourer and all around giggle-inducer. Well…except that the wife hates riding on the back which means I simply HAVE to get a new bike…tee hee!


    That face may me thing of the ‘Sand People’ from Star Wars VI.

  • Glenngineer

    I just hope the wind protection IS passable. The great failing of virtually all big adventure type bikes is their shitty wind protection/wing management. My Strom is the poster child.

    I don’t need or really want to sit in a bubble of dead air – I just want the air I’m in to have some semblance of quiet and smoothness. My wife’s stock Ninja 250 is smoother and quieter at 75 than my Strom, which I’ve spent a lot of time and money on improving.

  • DirectorLJ

    This type of bike will always have wind issues, due to the needed distance between the screen and the rider….with the exception, to some degree, of the 1200gs, which is quite nice to hang behind in a touring situation. Just from this photo, you can tell that Triumph has really made a strong stab at this issue. That screen looks like it has a good chance of working well, depending on your height, of course.