Three white cops beat black biker

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In sort of a two-wheeled version of the Rodney King beating, a brief and rather pathetic bike chase in Dallas last week ended with three white officers allegedly beating the black motorcyclist. Thanks to video evidence, which is embedded below, the cops are being charged with tampering or fabricating physical evidence, assault and oppression. Amazingly, the Dallas Police Chief claims there was no racial motivation to the assault. That’s right, the cops didn’t beat this guy because he’s black, they beat him because he rides a motorcycle.

It’s interesting to see video evidence being used to defend a motorcyclist’s rights so soon after it was used to persecute Anthony Graber for filming another abuse of power.

We guess the police department just does whatever it wants to do.

Dallas Morning News via Jalopnik

  • DD

    I would have joined in, but only because he is such a terrible rider. If he had a helmet on I would have guessed he was leaving a motorcycle safety class.

  • the_doctor

    On a bike? You have no rights. Between Suzzie SUV and rabid coppers, riding a bike is quite intense.

  • robotribe

    Another reason to always ride ATGATT. I guess I need to include a cup and bullet-proof vest to my gear.

    In all seriousness, the suspect was moving towards the ground when Billy Club Hero #1 started his beat down. I’m sure the proverbial arguments in that officer’s defense of “Oh, you internet experts are also experts in law enforcement, right?!?!” are forthcoming, but the camera doesn’t lie, folks.

    This, along with the Anthony Graber case, clearly shows cops being DICKS. And no, that’s NOT okay.

  • pauljones

    Okay, that beat-down was absolutely absurd and uncalled for. But, by the same token, why did he run in the first place?

    I get that there are some riders out there who will always just run from the police; I know a couple myself who are experienced riders and can often outrun Crown Vics, particularly in traffic. But it’s never a smart idea. If you’re going to do it, make sure you’re a damn good rider and make damn sure you get away, because nothing pisses off a cop more than having to chase someone down. When the cop is pissed, there are consequences.

    It looks to me like the guy is an inexperienced rider (yes, I guess as much from not being a highly experienced rider myself) that knowingly made a stupid decision. He sure as hell didn’t deserve to have the crap beaten out of him, especially considering that he was already getting down when the first blow landed, but on the other hand, he does deserve to have the book thrown at him in court for that.

    • robotribe

      I don’t disagree on the fundamental truth that the kid broke the law, and yes, he should probably receive the appropriate justice for said violation. Unfortunately, it looks as if a crime was also perpetrated by those tasked with enforcing the law. I think these officers clearly misunderstood the difference between enforcing the law and a judge and jury’s role to decide and deliver appropriate punishment. Add to this, the taxpayer dishing out for possible monetary damages in a civil case, and one can see how this kind of policing brings damage beyond those directly involved in the case.

      Clearly, this kid sucks in riding skills as much as he does in lawful decision making. Douchebag? Likely. Still, I adhere to the belief that civil servants with the responsibility of upholding the law should be held to higher standards of lawful conduct since they themselves represent the law.

      BTW, I’m not arguing with you, just furthering the thought.

      • pauljones

        And I completely agree. Both the rider and the cops ought to have the book thrown at them in court for this snafu.

      • Mark D

        “I think these officers clearly misunderstood the difference between enforcing the law and a judge and jury’s role to decide and deliver appropriate punishment.” Could not have said it better myself. The guy was clearly caught; the appropriate response for the cops is stop, take a breath, cuff him, and bring him downtown. At the trial, do everything you can to get the judge to throw the book at him. But anybody who says, “You deserve to get beaten up if you run from the cops” clearly doesn’t understand the role of police officers in the US. Or recently watched Judge Dread.

        • pauljones

          I never asserted that he deserved to get beaten up; quite the opposite. I said that I didn’t think that he deserved to be beaten up.

          I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that while there are a lot of cases where cops treat motorcyclists poorly simply because they’re motorcyclists, this isn’t one of those cases. This is just a case of absurdly aggressive and dangerous cops; the fact that the guy was black or was riding a motorcycle were just coincidental details. Guys like these cops would have done that to anyone, regardless of race or whether or not there was a motorcycle involved.

          • Mark D

            Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you did. That’s just a hypothetical, but common, response to this type of video/incident.

            And while there is no direct evidence of it being racially motivated, the fact that he was black, on a bike, in Dallas…its an easy conclusion to jump to (though, of course, its complicated). Can you see this happening to a middle-aged white guy in a Camry?

  • until

    I think some of you are missing the point. And the reason why all of this is so frustrating.

    • pauljones

      The point is that this is the police acting aggressively and dangerously towards bikers?

      We get it. We know that it happens, and we know it happens to riders who haven’t done anything particularly wrong or illegal. But this is a different story.

      I think, in fact, that this is being viewed entirely in the wrong context. There’s nothing at all indicating that crime had anything to do with race or with the fact that the guy was on a motorcycle. It was an instance of two cops with severe anti-social issues going completely nuts against someone. The fact that there was a motorcycle involved, in this particular instance, is just happenstance. These cops would have done the same thing to another guy, regardless of race or whether or not the guy was on a motorcycle.

      There is certainly a hell of a lot of evidence (even video evidence) that cops treat motorcyclists unfairly. There is zero doubt about that. I just don’t quite think this qualifies as motorcycle hate so much as it does a couple of severely disturbed cops that should never have been given a badge.

      • until

        Well ok. I guess that too.

        But I was looking at the bigger picture, not just bikes. Cops do whatever the fuck they want, and it’s scary. It frustrates me that people (including me) are scared of police: we should be happy to have them protect us, but instead we fear what they could do to us.

        The law is applied very unevenly; sometimes video evidence sets you free, other times it puts you in jail.

        Everyone should visit at least once.

  • noone1569

    This is crap. The rider is crap. These cops are crap. Just all crap. Did he deserve a beat-down, hell no. The cop obviously was just angry and deserves to get canned. This just adds to the police abuse occuring of late.

    P.S. Why no report on what’s going on here in Indy with the drunk cop ramming three bikers stopped at light resulting in 1 x death, 1 x coma and 1 x seriously injured??

    • pplassm

      That was reported. I think we’re all waiting for the trial/end result, now that the DWI has been thrown out. What are the locals doing about it?

      • noone1569

        On HFL?

        Anyway, currently, Bissard is attempting to have the case transferred outside of the county due to the bad press. The DWI was thrown out because the police used improper procedures to administer the blood test.

        There have been lots of rides and rallies for this issue here in town. Additionally, the media is still covering it fairly well.

  • Sasha Pave

    I’m surprised they smack into the bike with the police car.

    • s0crates82

      Didn’t surprise me. He was stopped, and they didn’t hit the bike hard enough to hurt him.

      Gotta say, the police need to save the venom for trial – there’s no point in beating the shit out of a suspect beforehand if it’s gonna get him a mistrial, or have the POA spend a fortune in legal fees defending them against the impending lawsuit.

  • joeytints1

    all he had to do is stop and behave himself and he would have never been beat to begin with,aside from the fact he can’t make good choices he did not deserve a beating . if he behaved himself it would never have happened and the cops in question would have made other mistakes to get canned

    • pauljones

      Well, when he’s serving his term for his actions, at least he can be proud knowing that took one for the team and helped get a couple asshole police officers off the street quickly.

  • Bald Shaun

    Obviously, the rider was an idiot. But because the cops were even bigger and more dangerous idiots, he’s going to be rewarded for his stupid decisions by receiving a huge damages check on the tax payer’s tab. Thanks guys.

  • vic

    next time pretend to slow down and then do a fast you turn the time they turned the car you’re way gone
    plus you can pull out the glock and push some buttons.then just ditch the bike report it stolen and go home :)
    so the moral here is always wear a helmet

    • vic


    • pdub

      Put down the game controller. Grand Theft Auto riding school hasn’t turned a profit yet.

      • vic

        don’t do it man!

  • cramer

    At around 24 or 25 seconds in, it sounds to me like one of the cops says “pull the car over, I’m going to beat the shit out of him.”

    They knew what they were going to do before they got out of the car.

  • crawl

    Poor guy, he was trying to stop and put the kickstand down the whole time, he just couldn’t find it. Look at his left foot every time he slows down :)

  • T Diver

    Do they make road gear to protect against battons and tazers?

  • Les

    Did this guy steal the bike? He sure doesn’t know how to ride it. Doesn’t look like he was doing anything worth being pulled over… or worth running from. Unless he stole the bike.

    What if he did steal the bike and it’s your bike that he stole?

    Does that change things?

    Personally, if someone stole my bike i’d like them to be beaten as much as possible and as often as possible. They used to hang horse thieves. Probably still do in some states.

    How come no pepper spray or tasers? Is this a result of budget cuts?

    I’m only half joking here. I have conflicting thoughts. If he did indeed steal that bike, then fuck him. *yeah i know judge/legal system/ blah blah blah.

    • robotribe

      My guess is he didn’t steal it. If I stole a bike, the last thing I’d bother with is putting it on the stand instead of dumping it and running if the cops are on my ass.

  • cameron

    i’m fairly certain the cops wouldn’t have beat the shit out of him if he was white.


    That ‘SQUID’ deserved it! He was purposefully running from the police for one. And ywo he’s a damn squid. I would’ve beat him down too.

  • John

    BS, the guy got beaten because he’s a world class jackass, not because he’s a motorcyclist. Most criminals that are getting pulled over deserve a major ass beating, but don’t get one.

    And as one person said, his riding skills and/or dress alone deserve a beating.

  • ursus

    The officer(s) are facing misdemeanor and felony charges in connection with the beating:
    It looks like others have the same opinions of this as I do. I am surprised the assault charges aren’t felony too.


    Looks like we’ll have another hoodrat millionaire at the tax payers expense again.

    • Mark D

      Ummm, objection: extremely racist!

    • robotribe

      Jealous? Consider this: dirty cops made it so.

  • pplassm

    OK, look, I’m all for law and order, but doesn’t it seem like there’s an increase in police “over-reaction” these days?

    Or maybe, we’re just finally seeing it caught on tape.

    If I was a cop, I’d be pissed. Not at the videos, but at my asshat colleagues who are perpetrating this stuff.

  • pdub

    That’s not the way for police to take down a criminal on a bike.

    That’s the way for police to take down a criminal on a bike!

  • DoctorNine

    To protect and serve…
    With condiments, and a nice chianti.