Valentino Rossi on the state of MotoGP

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Comparing MotoGP to Formula One, Valentino Rossi says watching is “like sleeping.” Are you sure its the traction control, Vale, or the lack of you riding at full-capacity post-highside?

via MotoMatters

  • Mark D

    Rossi is counting down the hours until he gets a proper 1000cc GP bike.

  • zato1414

    Was at Indy and watched a freight train circle the track for what seemed forever. The first 4 or 5 laps were pretty good, then follow-the-leader.

    Rossi made one of the few passes all day, the crowd roared… then fell asleep. I listened to his after race interview and I agree with his electronics statement. Never understood it until I watched the very best racers bore me to death.

    • yakimushi

      I actually dozed off during the MotoGP race. But I’m pretty sure the massive hangover and brutal sun played a big part in that as well as the lackluster competition.

  • JRShof

    Yes, im pretty sure that just about every knows that its the traction control and all the other “ones and zeros” involved with these motorcycles these days that makes the sport rather lack luster. Rossi does not single handedly make the sport (Although some and even myself may at times beg to differ…) interesting for everyone to watch. The early 4 strokes were some of the best racing we could watch on 2 wheels. The slides the wheelies the bobbles. They all seem to have been taken from the sport by electronics. And while i love the site and its articles I think its easily safe to say that Vale is in a much better position to make a solid judgment on what the sport needs & lacks to make it more fun to watch…

  • circuitsports

    Is his comments supposed to be new ? he’s been saying this for years as have a number of other riders.

  • rohorn

    Do away with the fuel load limits and watch the show get interesting. Raising the displacement, by itself, won’t change anything. The digital stuff has nothing to do with it, but it sure is a popular whipping boy.

    And old champions always make lousy experts on what new champions need. Losing makes everything boring.

    Oh yes – nice site overhaul on the only MC blog I read anymore.

  • vic

    at least they don’t fix races and act like it’s ok

    i agree get rid of the fuel limit which is designed to favor the big guys who have the r&d available to manage the engine better.
    don’t think electronics are killing the sport since everyone crashes like lindsay

    get rid of launch control

  • bobx

    indy gp was boring.

  • TeeJay

    Cut the fracking electronics. So say we all…

    I still remember the end of the 990cc era, when the red-straight-from-hell strong-as-a-bull Ducati was dancing under the arse of Capirex. Big time. I saw the last good battles in GP by then.

  • seanslides

    At least Moto2 is awesome…

    • ltgesq

      from a racing point of view, Moto2 was far more interesting. Over the long haul, spec racing kills the sport. The thing that keeps motorsports alive is brand identity. People cheer the brand first, the riders second (except for anomalies like rossi who is loved by the ducati crowd, but rides yamahas).
      In order to put some competition back into the series, the electronics have to be scaled way back. There needs to be more tire choices, more fuel, and less electronic controls.

  • jake

    Loving the new layout

    Between this site an bikeexif. you have all my motorcycling needs covered.

    Keep up the good work.

    • BMW11GS

      Funny, those are the only two I have been reading for some time too. Good blend.

    • vic

      wonder if hfl bikeexif and webbikeworld could form a cooperative like magnum and bring out a real bike mag,a swan song
      bikeexif would catch rare finds from the past and bring out the hidden talents of today ,hfl would be in charge of features,general news and making fun of pirates and wbw in depth product reviews

      ahh probably 10 years too late but i think that what is killing the magazines is the lack of content and the whoring not the internets .but blogs and webzines are plagued by lack of funding and they are usually fed by enthusiasm mostly ..and maybe a lucrative hobby for the few on top

  • BMW11GS

    While electronics get scapegoated for the lackluster nature of current MotoGP racing, as a street rider don’t I benifit from electronic tech. trickle down? That line of reasoning is why I always feel a twinge of uncertainty when everyone shouts about removing electronic aids in MotoGP. Can we have our cake and eat it too? While I can understand the 500 two stroke nostalgia, were about 20 years and the invention of the internet beyond that.

  • eyedontseeyou

    After reading a lot of the comments I couldn’t help it but realize that besides traction control and perhaps ABS I’m quite ignorant about the afore mentioned “electronics” …

    What are some of these systems and their respective benefits?