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In his new spy thriller “The American,” George Clooney tears through an Italian town, crashing cars, shooting out tires and catching the bad guy. Standard blockbuster car chase faire right? He does all that on a little Vespa.

  • robotribe

    Cool as it is to see a Vespa in action, I call bullshit on twist-shifting that thing while holding a gun with your left hand.

    Still, they got the 2-stroke sound down perfectly.

  • chili sv

    “Where’s my Vespa?”
    “Sorry baby, I had to crash that Vespa.”

  • vic

    i saw a guy yesterday who was arguing with a girl and then speed off like a mad man and took a corner without using his hands
    he was riding an mp3,it;s the first time i’ve seen one
    if clooney had used one of those he could have used 2 silenced skorpios and kill the baddie in 2 seconds because movie guns don’t have recoil

  • coho

    Too bad he had to “lay ‘er down”.

  • maroci

    God damn Clooney. Still manages to look cooler than me even riding a Vespa.