Video: Erik Buell Racing 1190RS

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First there was Queensryche, then there was the press release, now the Erik Buell Racing 1190RS, the first street-legal motorcycle from Erik Buell’s new company, is being teased in an official video. YouTube Preview Image

Here’s a closer look at that exhaust.

  • nicktp

    that was extreme to the max!!
    the only real info that video gives us is what it might sound like and that the exhaust pipe is ugly and in the wrong place for a Buell

  • ben41

    Agreed w/ the fugly exhaust.
    Dear Erik Buell, please put headlights & turn signals on the 1190RR and I’m all yours :)
    Sincerely, Ben41

    FYI: Here’s a link to a video that sows the amazing potential of the 1190RR:
    Pegasus race team has been running and winning races with the 1190RR for quite some time.

  • jamesat49

    Why does this entire roll-out have to be so cheesy? I’m certain there are Buell supporters that have experience in video and/or graphic arts production. This motorcycle company is tasked with creating the modern American sport bike. A great bike is not hurt by a great image, don’t fuck around. Remember USF1?

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, motorcycle brands in this country just don’t get the importance of strong branding. The bad shirts, the cheesy graphics, it all presents this as some redneck barn build (which it’s not)instead of the credible, worldclass, high-end motorcycle that it is.

      • Valor

        Amen, this has bush-league written all over it. Why is his rinky-dink record label all over the marketing. The logo is lame, the graphics are amature, the video is embarrassing. DO OVER with a good design/branding/video agency.

    • Mark D

      Agreed, Buell should be presented as America’s MV Agusta; low-volume, high-end bikes with loads of character.

      • tropical ice cube

        I don’t: how many rednecks are there in US of A? and how many true amateurs of high-end, over-engineered boutique exotica? If your marketing strategy is “P-Proud to be Ah-so-merican”, then you give it to them. In full. Actual fine motorcycles fans, just wait for the actual motorcycle to show up, we’ll sure be delighted and will forget about this. (As long as I can remove the darn cheesy logo from the bike, that is).

  • CBR1kboy

    All black bike with “99″ on the front… looked like one of Army of Darkness’s old endurance bikes.

  • circuitsports

    why dont they just dust off the petrol powered motoscissor bike and put some Buell logos on it, done!

    This bike looks like same kind of APC powered garbage the last buells were. Like ford developed a bunch of motorcycles to accompany there fiesta lineup in the 90′s

    I mean is it really so hard to build a bike like Bott power than is minimalist so as to contain costs, lightweight and powered by whatever motor fits

  • smokin88lx

    Man, you guys are a tough crowd. This didn’t come from some marketing firm. You guys whine when companies spend too much on marketing (HD) you whine when they don’t spend enough. It is a cheesy 30 sec video from a record label. Cut them some slack. If you saw there operation at the AMA races you know they are just scrapping by.

    • circuitsports

      OIC so after 20 years in the business of building motorcycles one shouldn’t be held to there own stated standards of making a world class machine because there dubious relationship with Harley is over ?

  • Tirapelli

    it’s all about the pride, not the quality or the engineering

    i will adapt a local saying to the situation

    you can take Buell from Harley

    but you can’t take Harley From Buell

    basically, even if Buell abandons the shitty loud and inefficient harley engine, it will still keeps the “be the true American biker, buying all our trash, because, if you don’t, you’re not patriotic”

    The Fine american Engineering, hiden behind an “amateur redneck motorcycle barn-building” mask