Video: Hammarhead Jack Pine

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When we rode the Hammarhead Jack Pine a few months go, we expected just another modified Bonneville but found something worth considering on its own terms. Something that said “motorcycle” more simply and powerfully than anything currently available in a showroom. Now, a film student, Craig Scheihing,  has put together a riding video with it, capturing the easy, simple appeal. Worth it for the sound alone.

Photo: Grant Ray


  • SugarCream


  • Your_Mom

    For some odd reason, some lyrics from Steely Dan’s fabled “Deacon Blues” keep streaming through my head as the gentleman rides across my screen. Day of the expanding man indeed.

    Be that as it may, the bike is an incredible example of how to do it right. Take a new model hobbled by corporate and governmental regulations, pare off piles of unnecessary bits while shedding 75 pounds in the process. The exhaust does double-duty by shedding pounds and producing a decent but not offensive sound to the proceedings.

    While not wishing to damn the exercise with faint praise, Hammarhead has done their job well.

  • Emmet

    I like the b/w video and how it emphasizes the bike’s timeless styling. Triumph got that exhaust note right with the scrambler! My only criticism is that it should come equipped with passenger pegs- that seat is LONG for a solo rider. Maybe they are an option?

    • Wes Siler

      It’s a semi custom build, pretty sure you can get anything you’d like :)

  • HammSammich

    This is such a cool bike, that I’d love to use as a dirt bike. Unfortunatley, it’s prohibitively expensive for me to use it as such.

    As far as the sound goes, the 270 cam makes these bikes sound a bit more Harley-like to me, which may be by design since it was first employed on the Bonneville America and the Speedmaster cruisers. I know I’m biased, but with the right affermarket exhaust and minor intake mods, as well as the appropriate rejetting (I have no experience with FI Bonnies) the 360 cam in the Bonneville and Thruxton can produce an amazing exhaust note; simultaneous harmonizing drones slightly reminiscent of an old piston engined war plane or race car.

  • Mattro

    Motorcycles are so hot right now.

  • ward

    what a joke ! a test ride in a “dead if if you fall helmet”….
    love the scuff marks on the rear tire, wow, he really got big lean marks. It ain’t my old TR 6 C …… WW