2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 and 750: I can haz 1000 looks too?

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We’ve already showed you a leaked sketch of the 2011 Suzuki GSX-R600 and 2011 Suzuki GSX-R750 that showed they’d receive facelifted looks more in line with those of the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000. These photos of that facelift have now leaked one day ahead of the official unveiling, scheduled for the Intermot bike show tomorrow. Details are still scarce but what do we see? Refinement, not revolution. We’ll keep updating as more specs and whatnot appear.

The K11 GSX-R.

Looking at these pictures of the new and old GSX-Rs side to side, we don’t see any differences in the frame or in the relationship between the gearbox and engine. Some reports have suggested that the gearbox could be mounted higher next year, allowing for a longer swingarm. That swingarm does appear to be a revised item, lacking the immediately apparent vertical seam of the current GSX-R.

The K9 GSX-R.

Some reports have also suggested that the new model could be radically smaller than the current bike, but again, we just don’t see it. What we can see is new tail section bodywork that’s both shorter and slimmer.

In fact, the only major mechanical differences that are apparent in these photos are that the old Tokico radial calipers have been swapped for non-Monoblock Brembo items and the GSX-R now uses Showa Big Piston forks.  Big whup.

The biggest visual changes are the four new air intakes stacked to the sides of the now slimmer headlamp. That headlamp now uses stacked high and low beams, moving the 600 and 750 visually closer to the 1000. This is no coincidence as the ’11 600/750 identical twins were designed by Shigeru Uchiyama, the same guy who penned the 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000.

These bikes were actually scheduled for a debut last year, but were pushed back when collapsing credit markets destroyed America’s ability to purchase expensive luxury goods it didn’t need. The facelift is intended to keep the GSX-R model line reasonably fresh without requiring a huge investment from cash-strapped Suzuki; an industry source suggested that these new bikes are revised to such a small degree that they won’t even require new tooling.

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    The white one sick-with-it (squid for: nice.)

    We can get Brembo’s now? I’d get the 750. To me it’s the best of both the middleweight and liter bike worlds. Plus you really don’t need 190hp on the streets. May as well just drive to the police station and do a burn out on the front walkway.

    • Zirq

      Apparently Brembo’s and big piston forks.

  • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

    Am I the only one who can’t tell the different generations GSXR’s from each other, or for that matter, the 600, 750 and 1000?

    • mluddyjr

      I have the same problem, especially among the different sizes of the GSX-R.

      I can instantly distinguish between an R6 and an R1 or a CBR600RR and a CBR1000RR, but all of the GSX-Rs blur together for me. The dual exhaust gives away the GSX-R1000, but I can’t distinguish between the 600 and 750 without reading the decals.

  • MikeD

    Meh, im not feeling these front end and tail section, liked better the previous one, maybe it’ll grow on me eventually.

    Longer Header Pipes? It could be wishfull eyes, lol.
    Electronic Steering Stabilazer? Smells like Honda…lol.
    AHAAAA! And all this time i thougth they were sporting MONO Blocks!!! 2Piece BREMBOS but no 1Piece Nissin, Tokicos or Sumitomos ? Go figure…are Brembos really that good (o_O)?
    Maybe they got a good deal $$$ for BULK Buying? lol.
    BPF…cool, cool.
    PreMuffler welded, NOT COOL.
    Same Wheels, Mehh…Lame.

    @Andehans: Same with me, sometimes i can with the old ones because of paint schemes but other than that i have to look at stickers too to tell them apart.

    • seanslides

      The stabilizer has been around forever. It doesn’t prevent butthole clenching tank slappers. At all.

      The new brembos were probably cheaper. The brakes on the last generation bike are awesome. The lines suck ass, but so do all the other stock lines.

      The forks… Yep. Totally awesome. Last years forks are junk. Easily the worst part of that bike. The damping has two settings: Crazy ass stupid soft, and bottom out everywhere soft. And I’m 155. I know that revalving them will fix it, but it’s still annoying that after adding tons of preload, cranking the adjusters, and adding 30cc’s to each side I still find the zip tie right down at the bottom after a quick ride.

      That catalytic converter was welded on there last year. Buy an 07 header and the appropriate slip-on if you’re feeling cheap.

      The wheels have been the same since the freakin 80′s. At some point they picked up a little bit of twist, but they’re still the same old Enkei’s.

      It looks like they might have raised the seat a hair, which would be great. It might just be the new subframe playing tricks on my eyes though.

      The pegs are DEFINITELY lower which totally blows. As it is, you’ve got three options: Replace toe sliders every 30 minutes of fast riding, grind the pegs into nothingness, or buy rear-sets. They just made it worse.

      The upside of all this is that I can refresh my 09 with new plastics, an updated swingarm, and a new subframe. It’ll be just like having a new bike!

      • seanslides

        Now that I’ve taken a long hard stare at the photos, I think I’ll just stick with the tail I have now. The new one looks like it shares some DNA with the new speed triple headlights.

      • carboncanyon

        The pegs don’t look lower… how can you tell from these low res pics? The rear brake levers looks like they’re inline with the front and rear axles on both bikes.

        This bike looks more like the 2006 GSX-R1000 than the current one to me (especially the headlight). Not that it’s bad… but it does look dated.

  • kazfu

    More embargonots. They look lame.

  • 2ndclasscitizen

    The Brembos in this pic certainly look like monoblocs: http://i55.tinypic.com/24y8k0k.jpg

  • carboncanyon

    Almost 20 pounds lighter, MONOBLOCK Brembos, BPF forks, and that frame is definitely different from K9 (can’t you see the welds under the tanks are different?).