207 HP! Full details on the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R

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That’s it, we’re changing our name to “Hell For Kawasaki.” That 207bhp figure is at the crank and with the assistance of ram air. Without a headwind, the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R makes a paltry 197bhp, pfft. Here’s full details on the still-embargoed ZX-10R, corteous of a “leak” on Kawasaki Europe’s website.

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Thanks for the tip, Vassillis!

  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I dig it. The angular green fairing does it for me.

  • mluddyjr

    With 207hp the ZX-10R can literally outrun its own ugliness.

    Seriously though, this is sheer awesome. BPF, race traction control, ABS, the weight reduction, etc. There is a laundry list of things to get excited about. I knew the S1000RR was BMW’s “Pearl Harbor” moment and I knew Japan’s response would be great. I suspect this battle is far from over.

    What a fantastic time to be a motorcyclist.

    • NickK

      Agree. This is the Best. War. Ever.

    • EmpulseBuyer

      Just as long as the two don’t team up again and start making war machines I will feel safe.

  • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

    If it’s half as good on the road as it is on paper then it will be effing awesome. Credit to kawasaki for doing something I didn’t think they could do: make it lighter, add traction control. Any word on pricing?

    I liked the part about how the headers are titanium and configured so that you only need to add a slip-on to maximize your ‘race’ performance. That is sweet. Throw that catalytic converter and stock pipe straight onto the scrap heap.

    I hope Honda is paying attention.

    • circuitsports

      The problem here is 3 fold – A: it’s still not a race header despite the material used, which is B: subject to accelerated fatigue since the weight savings in titanium is by using less material and C: Titanium resonates at a much higher frequency than steel meaning any exhaust noise will be amplified and matched to a titanium exhaust will mover the power band up and further or of street tractability.

      Honda has an answer to this already built :)

      • maigj

        “Honda has an answer to this already built :)”

        Tell me more, tell me more…

  • http://www.firstgenerationmotors.blogspot.com Emmet

    Hot damn. And we were scoffing at Kawasaki for releasing a next gen nothing-special superbike. Looks like they have some magic up their sleeves! The release of yet another bmf’ing motorcycle and I’m glad to have been brought up during these times.

  • Kevlar

    Looks like some pretty impressive features. Very interested to see how it compares to the S1000RR in the real world.

    I must say though, I take issue with the 207 HP (*with RAM air) figure. Just give us the SAE ratings! Comparing power figures between different bikes is difficult enough WITH a standardized system. Throwing “RAM air” into the mix is just inviting a numbers war with inflated, best-case-scenario figures. I mean, c’mon Kawasaki, at least tell us what speed that claimed power figure is at. For all we know you threw the bike on a dyno in a 300 mph wind tunnel. “Max Power” indeed.

    Consider this. Kawasaki is claiming a 4.9% increase in power with RAM air. Let’s say the bike is operating at roughly standard atmospheric conditions – around 20°C and 1 ATM (101325 Pa), with an air density of 1.204 kg/m3. To make 4.9% more power, the engine needs roughly 4.9% more air (pressure). Assuming you could isentropically slow down the incoming air and achieve the full stagnation pressure in the airbox (not realistic at all), the bike would need to be going 90.8 m/s, or 203 mph, to realize that 4.9% increase in static pressure in the airbox. While I’m sure the bike can go close to that fast, who really cares how much power it makes at such impractical velocities, other than nutjobs like NYC Fastest or Salt Flats racers?

  • Ducaholic

    From my first EX500, Kawi’s have always had a soft spot for me. Go green! Still, it better be good on the track or the BMWs and the Ducati’s will prove again that bikes are not just a numbers game.

  • AGP

    This is hilarious – you guys do realize these the same IDENTICAL number Kawasaki claimed for the previous gen ZX10 (197 hp, forget about the stupid ramair thing), right? Same bullshit as before… I am taking bets power figures on the dyno are going to be identical to a 2010 ZX10R.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      The current ZX-10 claims 185bhp at the crank sans ram air.

  • http://frogspecialties.com decelerator

    Message to Kawee : If you do not want photos to be published ahead of the embargo lifting date, do not hand out the material ahead of time. Duh! Looks like a cheap publicity stunt on their part. Car companies are known to “leak” photos to Autoweek and such and even call “spy photogs” to tell them where their “top secret” pre-pro model will be road tested.. CW, like everybody else is trying to survive and if it can sell a few more mags thanks to this, the more power to them. And, oh yes, awesome bike..Hope we get to see it at the IMSs….

  • GuessWho

    Dont worry, once I get my hands on one I’ll make sure to put to the test against the BMW with a clear video as long as it doesn’t blow up.

  • MikeD

    After reading the whole thing all i have to say is: DAAYAAAM, They baked the Cake and Ate it too.

    Their ABS & TC sounds migthy full of purpose and a detriment to it’s performance…(if it works as they claim).

    (Bitching) I still HATE the wheels, 330g + 490g liter or not.

    Xhaust”Bladder” can be easely removed “for competion only”…lol.Ok.

    I can’t wait to see a match with the S1000RR.

    I hope this is the start of a FULL BLOWN HP WAR and push the other OEMs to bring their A-GAME out there.

    Are u listening FAT ASS HONDA, BROKE SLACKER SUZUKI & PRETZEL CRANK YAMAHA ? I want to see DI next year on bikes…or else. lol.

    • MikeD

      *No Detriment*….Dang, where’s that EDIT Button when u need it, Wes?

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Right on. HFL pwnt j00!!1!

    I’m actually starting to get a bit excited with this 2011 ZX-10R now. Reading through the PDF I’m liking the sounds of the traction control. It’s taken a while to grow on me, but this is probably because the usual type of traction control (like they mention, on the 1400GTR) will slow you down – this sports TC keeps you going fast. Nice.

    Also loving the track day focus. Easily removable mirrors and fender. Love it! Currently have to remove the instrument cluster and fairing/screen bolts to remove mirrors on my K6 Gixxer, I’ve given up on it & just fold them in. :/

    Also nice to see the “Economical Riding Indicator”. So if that comes on you know you’re riding like a pussy!

  • M Green

    I am very glad to see Kawasaki in HFL’s “good” graces. They have been “ragged-on” here for ages. As for the bike, I have read the euro brochure and if the specs and features are true to form, this bike is a “beast”! Since it appears the ABS is an option on the ZX-10R, the only question will be what the pricing is on this model? It does not have the Brembo calipers, SACHS suspension or items like stainless steel brake lines the BMW has standard. So, pricing reduction compared to the BMW is in order if the wish to sell-it. If ABS is lets say $750.00 above base it should have a good-market in the US. Any more than that will have people in BMW showrooms. I “guesstimate” its base will be $13599 and even that is getting dangerously close to BMW. And many like the euro “mystique” and would prefer spending more for that than an expensive asian no matter how competitive. Hope Kawasaki is thinking along those lines.

  • M Green

    Just read the comparison, it is great news and these bikes are going to sell at the $13250 if that base price holds-up! If the ABS comes-in at $750 or less, there will be a lot of loaded 2011 10R’s rolling out of the showrooms. One for me in green included!
    Perfect compliment to my 03′ 12R and 05′ 10R. Way to go Kawasaki, businessmen who actually understand the markets they sell-in!

  • The Lawyer

    I want NY’s Fastest to ride this on the LIE. I bet they’ll hit 200 mph – GPS verified [probably into a wall]. Wes/Grant: please make this happen.

  • M Green

    I liked what I had seen until the price was posted, way-too-expensive for what this bikes features are!!! Not even considering a purchase of a 2011 any longer. Or i’ll wait till 2012 when the dust is brushed-off and the red sale-tags show-up. Thats if it does prove to be a quality product. Sorry, the 03′ 12R and 05′ 10R will not be sharing space anytime soon with one.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      An $800 price increase is pretty reasonable given all the component upgrades and new technology. Don’t forget how devalued the dollar is right now either.

      • M Green

        I understand what you are saying, but an MSRP equal to the BMW? Kawasaki did not have to start from “scratch” to produce this bike. You will need to consider the fact that this is an evolutionary bike, not revolutionary. I still like the bike though, just not at the price they put-it at.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

          We’ve never been able to confirm it, but that s1000rr’s price sounds suspiciously like a loss leader. Remember on the kwak, the tc is standard. Don’t know why I’m defending team green, I did break into their warehouse to steal issues of cw after all.

          • M Green

            Don’t believe you would do that, Kaw should be ashamed accusing you! If Ducati can redesign the 848 EVO, put traction-control standard on the 1198 with no price increase for 2011 acknowledges the scant economics of these times and a very-limited market for expensive toys. I would of been happy at my first guesstimate of $13599 as an appropriate base for this model. Kaw had already developed the traction-control on earlier renditions and MOTO GP machines and the Bosch ABS a strait bolt-on purchase for production as is BPF. I do not fault Kaw for wanting to make a buck, but as you said the dollar is de-valued and with the machine being as a high-priced unit has me looking at all the euro-exotics. Plus, I really am looking for something not as “vanilla” as the 2011 10R seems to be. Yes, 197 bhp at the crank is awesome and Bosch ABS a good-option ($1000.00?), turning the rear-shock sideways with other factors like how “street” useable this bike is amounts to a “big-question-mark”. Not so long ago a question of “useful” mid-range torque was being heatedly discussed here. Don’t get me wrong, I love my to older Kaws, they have served me well and overall like the new 10R. I guess the “hype” of the odd-marketing campaign of “snipits” has kind-of lessened the luster of the mark to me. But we will see, I could always change my mind.

  • M Green

    Oh; pardon me, I should of said “turn the rear-shock axial” instead of sideways to be more accurate. Do not know if this will be a big improvement compared to traditional “radial” shock mounting.