Alpinestars Harlem boots, for the normal in you

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One of the biggest problems most riders have with going ATGATT is the reality of showing up to work looking like a ComiCon nerd, unless you dress like a pirate or even worse, the flamboyantly Eurocentric sixth Power Ranger. While these boots by Alpinestars don’t utlilize all the technical advancements found in the company’s more sporting options, both the Harlem WP and the mesh-covered Harlem Air still offer above average protection. Finally, there’s an option for riding protected during commutes without getting mocked every morning by the boss.

Both boots are styled similar to modern work boots, offer double density, injected molding in the inner structure around the ankles for protection as well s internal heel counters. The WP boot features leather bonded with a waterproof membrane while the Air combines mesh for better breathability in warmer climates.

The WP retails at $179.00, with the Air going for $159.00. Not bad for boots with a simple style that’s a refreshing return to the realities of the everyday rider.


  • the_doctor

    I am in the market for non-mockable boots…

  • nola

    Thanks for addressing our plight. Have you ever tried to go on a normal date when you depend on a motorcycle? Bad scene. Thats why all of my gear is basic black (white helmet, tho).

    I’m always on the lookout for gear that can transfer to a restaurant. Thanks for the link.

  • Johndo

    You could wear these all day long and they look like shoes with jeans over them. And offers excellent protection. Can’t recommend them enough

    • ike6116

      what’s the price on those. Both of these are relevant to my interests as a non-pirate non-powerranger

      • Johndo

        About 200$US

        • seanslides

          Actually, Dainese’s regular inside-the-suit racing boots looks pretty unassuming when you’re off the bike.

          I’ve got a few buddies with the older all leather ones, and aside from the toe-sliders, you can’t tell they’re racing boots with carbon kevlar ankle supports.

          • tonup

            You´re kidding, right? Those doesn´t look like anything but a motorcycle boot.

  • shawn.bassplayer

    Pretty cool… Although I’ve never been a fan of side zipper boots. I have a pair of Icon SuperDuty 3 boots. Granted, they have a big buckle going across the top. But for the most part… they look pretty normal. And if you have slightly loose fitting jeans on, then the buckle is mostly covered. Most of my riding is done in town…. so I’m not going to wear racing leathers to ride to work or the store.

  • phobos512

    I wear my A* SMX+ boots to work whenever I ride…And when I get to work, I squeaky squeak down the hallway, get to my office, and put on my work boots. Problem solved. During the day I usually just wear my work boots if I ride to lunch or something.

  • brutus

    i feel safe enough in my steel toed work boots to not worry with riding boots. even these are just a touch too silly for me

  • DougD

    Anything wrong with just wearing Doc Martens boots?

    • Mark D

      These A*s look a bit stiffer than Docs. There is very little ankle protection in Docs. I wear mine all the time around town, though…

  • KlrFoRilla

    Grant I would love love love it if either you or Wes would be so kind as to put together a post of more stuff like this or if other readers have more suggestions…. basically non pirate/power ranger apparel. oh and for the love of god no flamin’ skulls. For example, I love those Belstaff jackets but they are certainly not cheap…

    • UrbanRider

      Belstaff isn’t cheap, however most people seem to justify it because they choose to wear the jacket even when they are just taking the dog for a walk or going down the pub.

  • weatherman

    Maybe I’m just not “high performance” enough, but I’ve never really seen the point of wearing sporty boots. But then again, my taste in motorcycles tends towards muscle bikes from the late 70′s and sport bikes from the late 80′s.

    I wear Blundstones and I love ‘em for riding. They’re stiff yet comfortable, and they don’t look ridiculous.

    • Beast Incarnate

      I don’t care for the sporty look, either, but sport boots offer the most comprehensive protection. The point is saving your feet and ankles.

      I hope that, someday soon, folks won’t have to compromise protection for aesthetics.

      • weatherman

        Fair ‘nuf. The Blundstones I wear don’t offer anything in the way of ankle protection, though I generally think that feet are my last concern if I’m going down.

  • cdsv

    The all leather version is nice. Odd nomenclature though.

  • mugget

    Those A* look really good!

    I already got some Shift Street Kicker boots for work. Have a pair of Dr Marten 14 hole boots I used to wear, but one of them is all screwed up, the tongue never sat straight and cuts off circulation. The Shift boots are more of a casual look, but really comfy. I’ll check these A* when these wear out.

  • zeke rigg

    on another note
    tennis shoes have held up fine for me in crashes. then again i am not going 100mph just 30-60.
    sandals however leave something to be desired when you crash.

  • Justin

    I hate to bring up an old thread, but I got these around the beginning of December after reading about them here and loved them until the zipper broke on one of the boots. I never abused them or crashed in them so I’m a bit disappointed that they busted in under 3 months of pretty regular but sedate use. I guess I have to find a good cobbler now.

    • BeastIncarnate

      That’s disappointing to hear. Does Alpinestars have a warranty on them? Might be able to get a replacement.

    • Wes Siler

      Have you approached their customer service department?

      • Justin

        Nope, just happened right before I visited UIUC this past weekend. They were my waterproof boots for the trip to snowy/rainy central Illinois. I will contact them now as I have more time.

        • Justin

          OK, so I finally got in touch and they’re totally hooking a brother up. They’re going to replace them no questions asked. Their customer service lives up to the hype.