By The Numbers: 2011 superbike showdown

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Now that we’ve got leaked specs on the 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10R, it’s time to compare it to all its liter bike rivals. Sure, all these bikes are extraordinarily fast and it’s not their own performance that’s the limit here, it’s yours, but if only for Internet bragging rights, everyone wants to know which superbike will tear off your face the fastest. Hint: it’s the one you think it is.

A larger version of this picture is available in the gallery below.

Where possible, we’ve used manufacturer quoted figures. Sure, they all use slighty different measurments, but aside from sneaking into Kawasaki HQ with a very large set of scale and a dynamometer, this is the fairest possible way we currently have to compare them. Don’t see a bike that  you want compared? Look up its numbers and stick ‘em in comments.

  • 85gripen

    Buell 1125RR ASB
    170 RWHP
    86 ft-lb torque
    167 kg dry (wet, no fuel) weight
    1.01:1 power-to-weight
    0.51:1 torque-to-weight
    ABS: None
    Traction Control: None
    Price: $41,900


    • s0crates82

      awesome. not street legal, though.

      • 85gripen

        Where is the requirement it be street-legal? It says “superbike”. I chose to post the specs of the 1125RR over the 1190RR b/c the 1125 is used in the AMA Superbike Series.

      • 85gripen

        2010 Buell 1125R (street-legal)
        146 hp
        82 ft-lb
        170 kg dry
        0.86:1 power-to-weight
        0.48:1 torque-to-weight
        ABS: None
        Traction Control: None
        Price: $12,499

  • Drew

    Traction control is available from the manufacturer for the RSV4.

  • tekamul

    That price for the Kawi is amazing, especially considering the TC. But in all honesty, for me this chart is just for dreaming. The limits are in the operator, as was well stated.
    I’m much happier on a 600, where I can feel like I’m at least approaching the designers’ aspirations for performance.
    Besides, I don’t make a lot of track days

    • Mitch

      I’m waiting for a detailed writeup about the TC on the Kawi… the CBR1000RR has a rudimentary form of TC, I’m curious if Kawi’s is real or some cheaper proto form, like Honda’s. Not all TC is equal.

  • BuellDoc

    AS long as they don’t make a Police model of the new Kaw or BMW am looking forward to 2011

  • dwolvin

    Ugh- don’t give them any ideas! My local shop takes care fo the San Diego area’s CHP bikes, and has them for sale once in a while. It’s not right how fast a 1200cc aircooled bike can go with a police package… I shudder to think of a CHP-S1000rr…

  • the_doctor

    The 1198 can tow a boat.