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This bike has no “features,” it has no electronically adjustable suspension, floating clocks, ABS brakes, iDrive, color screen or even a 1,600cc straight-six engine. What it has instead is a simplicity of purpose. But just because Honda won’t sell something like it to you, doesn’t mean you can’t build it. Meet the Anvil Honda CB750, it’s a motorcycle, period.

To create this bike, Anvil started with a 1981 Honda CB750, modifying it surprisingly little. Suspension was rebuilt and firmed up, the rear fender was choppped, a seat was fabricated, clip-ons were fitted, paint was applied  and custom headlights were built. The result is a purposeful, mean, simple cafe racer in the Wrenchmonkees mold.

“Our aim is to shape bikes with character, with a soul, with a beautiful vintage style but tough and technically perfect,” describes Anvil, a new custom house in Italy. If only an OEM had such a sense of purpose. Oh, and Honda, this is how you do a classic logo.

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  • DougD

    Very cool—thanks for sharing.

    Wouldn’t those be aftermarket tires, too? Seem fatter than the stock CB750s I see running around. Then again, maybe they just look fatter without the fenders or something …

  • ForgottenOne

    I don’t know if I would use the phrase “technically perfect” when I end up with a half inch of suspension travel in the forks and four inches of fork tube sticking out of the stock triple clamp. I really like stripped down bikes but this one looks like it needs to be finished.

    • Andy Keech

      yeah, 0.750″ of a high density foam on the seat, to keep your thighs from digging into the edges, too much to ask for?

  • deckard

    If the rider of that bike faceplants on the headstock, he is absolutely toast. FAIL.

  • 44240

    Meh. Kinda cute to look at I guess, but that thing is gonna ride like garbage. ‘Style’ should never be used as an excuse for poor functionality.

    • ForgottenOne

      Hey, it works for choppers!

      It is nice to see that cafe type bikes are getting more press these days but it sucks when the performace takes a back seat.

      It just doesn’t make much sense to me, it’s kind of like dating a supermodel and not being able to have sex with her, sure people are impressed to see you with her but you never get to really enjoy it.

      • 44240

        The chopper scene has been about aesthetics rather than usability for decades now. It’s ceased to bother me since I agreed to look at those bikes as exercises in art rather than engineering. I don’t know why I still let other bastardizations like this one (& oh so much more of the contemporary customs milieu) get to me, I suppose deep down I’ll always be a sucker for function over form.

        • ForgottenOne

          I gotta have both, I need bike to put a big smile on my face whether I am riding it or standing in the garage staring at it.

  • cdsv

    At last, impractical suspension and bad ergos combine with Erector Set good looks.

  • jamesat49

    Hmm. Drop the front end and take the seat off. Is this build really that noteworthy? The Japanese rockabilly/Elvis impersonator/mechanics over at Yoshi’s Garage here in Los Angeles have been doing this bike for at least 15 years. I only hope that ‘American Chopper’ gets canceled before those retarded motherfuckers get wind of the ‘cafe’ trend and put their ass-hat mark on it.

  • seanslides

    Sorry, I just can’t get behind this bike. The seat doesn’t even look like a seat, the clip-on’s are just too low, the front end has likely been stiffened up, but only because you’ll use up all that travel just by sitting on it, and there’s no front brake lever.

    It’s art, it’s not a motorcycle. And it’s certainly not a cafe racer; it’s a bobber that still has it’s rear shocks.

  • Johndo


  • brandnreal

    my cup of tea!!!.. very nice…!!!

  • t1201971

    Nothing like a nice little bar hopper to get all the race-rep Nazi’s panties in a bunch. “Dangerous!” “Not a real motorcycle!” “Performance is compromised!” “I looked at this picture and wet my pants, now I’m peeved and I don’t know what to do with myself!” Relax and get over yourselves, OK?

  • ltgesq

    Maybe the next project can have a steel spike aimed right at the rider’s chest. That would be cool–just like the front suspension on this mess.