Custom: Radical Ducati 9 1/2

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Essentially a study in how beautiful the Ducati 999’s tank is, this Monser 900-based custom was actually built as a tribute to old Ducati racing single-cylinders. This cafe racer-ish bike is basically a mash up of all the most attractive Ducati parts from the last two decades. There’s the Monster steel-trellis frame, air-cooled ST2 v-twin, 916 wheels, 916-style swingarm and the aforementioned fuel tank.

Photos: Javier Fuentes

In the gallery you’ll find a picture of the 9 1/2 with its inspiration, the Nenzioni 450cc.

Here’s a complete list of the modifications:

- Modified Monster 900’97 frame
- M 900’97 fork
- Monster 900 carburators Single side swingarm kit
- M 900 front wheel
- 916 rear wheel
- Braking rear and front disc brakes
- Brembo PR19 brake pump.
- Frentubo blue kevlar brke lines
- ST2 engine (tuned) with injectors body throtle
- KN air filters
- 916 racing electrical wiring
- Aviacompositi rev counter
- ST2 original ECU
- Wolfman two independents exhaust tubes
- Lasser Megaphones E3 omologated J
- SP regulable footpegs
- Malagutti 500 water radiator
- MT03 alluminium modified front mudguard.
- 999 fuel tank with ergal quick open gas tap.
- RAD 02 Cafe Racer solo seat.
Tomaselli regulable alluminium clip ons.

Radical Ducati via Chicks and Bikes (NSFW)

  • luxlamf

    Brilliant & Beautiful.

  • mchale2020

    What a gorgeous and somewhat painful reminder of how I’m a broke college student.

  • ike6116

    Double Rainbow

  • Johndo


  • shawn.bassplayer

    Fuckin Awesome. :)

  • seanslides

    - Monster 900 carburators Single side swingarm kit
    - ST2 engine (tuned) with injectors body throtle

    lol. It’s like that scene in transformers when Megan Fox is looking at the camero motor, which is equipped with 4 Weber side-drafts and proclaims: “It’s got dual quads.”

    Aside from the questionable spec sheet, that bike is beautiful.

    • zipp4

      I have to guess that its not too easy to write a spec sheet in a second language. But, yeah, I agree with you.

  • the_doctor

    Dude, this is amazing. Shit, its Radical even.

  • wwalkersd

    Gorgeous. But if that motor’s air-cooled, then it’s got the largest diameter oil cooler lines and the bulkiest oil cooler I’ve ever seen on a bike.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, I guess the ST2 was liquid-cooled, although that doesn’t explain the cooling fins on the cylinders.

  • Case

    I love cafe racers super hard, but I don’t think this bike is much to look at.

    I do want to ride it, though. It’s like that not-very-hot girl you know that is super sexy and you want to shag anyway, because you know it would be awesome.

  • JimSmiffy

    Excuse me um when can i purchase this at my local ducati shop. I’ve been saving my pennies.

  • betarace

    this is what they should have released rather than that sh1t diavel

  • g.r.b