Destination: Thunderdrome

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In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Detroit, a cynical journalist has agreed to enter a race to the death in an abandoned velodrome…on a moped. This weekend will see an epic trial of strength as pit bikes, scooters and mopeds race The Thunderdrome. Many men will enter, only one will leave…with free PBR.

Update: we’re back in New York, thanks to everyone that came out and raced.

Photo: Eric Merrill

  • Beale

    It’s like a hipster beermonic convergence.

  • JimSmiffy

    Its like some sort of lazy hipster daytona.

  • nicktp

    Don’t forget your handgun! I’ll be there on my bicycle. Kinda nervous, never been “doom racing” before.

    • Wes Siler

      Detroit isn’t THAT dangerous. I’ve only ever seen one dead body during maybe 8 trips there. Besides, Andy rules bartertown with an iron fist, I’m sure he wouldn’t allow anything bad to happen.

  • The Lawyer

    Crap. I can’t make it because of work. If they allow betting, put 10 bucks down for Wes finishing top 3. I’ll paypal you if you don’t. If you do, I want a HFL sticker or something.

  • easyrider666

    Ha, thats my old bike that you were racing. Hope you had fun on it before the exhaust broke.

    • Wes Siler

      Awesome. Didn’t really have time to learn it, but for the short time I rode it, it felt very fast. Leaks fuel like a sieve though.

      • easyrider666

        Yeah, sucks you didnt get to spend much time on it. Not sure what was up with the gas line, but the mikunis are always leaky s.o.b.’s.

  • 2ndderivative

    Reminds me of the Mad Bastard rally.

  • Mark D

    There is something oh so very right about seeing somebody in full leathers and a race helmet on a 50cc moped, hauling ass. That looks like an absolute blast.

    • nicktp

      You should see the Le Mans start, that was the best part!