Finally, high-res 2011 Speed Triple pictures

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After months of, in this case, unintentional leaks, Triumph finally unveiled its new Speed Triple at the Intermot motorcycle show today. Of course, the company still hasn’t uploaded pictures or information to its press site and the specs available on its main page are from last year, so we’ve been scrambling to bring you material. Finally, here’s full-screen shots of the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple, check out the information that leaked last night for details.

  • Beale

    The Triumph McSquinty.

  • occam

    The Triumph Ninja Transformer.

  • deckard

    The headlights are mounted too high. They should be at least an inch lower.

    • Wes Siler


  • redblur360

    For some reason this reminds me alot of the styling of the last generation Daytona. Anyone else?

    • Beast Incarnate

      Reminded me of the Speed Four.

  • the_doctor

    I kinda like it…

    The windscreen looks like an arrow pointing down. Also, headlights are funky. Aside from that, I can dig it.

  • NickK

    E-gads, that face!

    Step 1. Buy new speed triple.
    Step 2. Source old speed triple headlights.
    Step 3. Switch. See if they work with the fly screen. If not, ditch fly screen.
    Step 4. Rattle-can over “Speed”.
    Step 5. Win.

    • redblur360

      agreed – headlights might need to get replaced

    • seanslides

      +1. Just use the old fly screen.

  • The Lawyer

    Weak. Looks like a Jap bike. The charm is gone.

  • HammSammich

    My initial reaction is negative. I’ve always loved those iconic round headlamp buckets. But as I’ve learned in the past with Triumph, I’ll withhold my judgement until I see it in person – preferably side by side with the 2010 Speedy.

  • emaren

    I’ll stick with my 2007 Speedy, which now has almost 30K miles on it :) I have more power (thanks to a pipe and a tune), better handling (race-tech) and I fixed the brakes ($50 Brembo’s from e-bay) and utterly love the thing.

    This new one looks terrible, but I rather like the wheels, I wonder if they will fit mine ????

  • occam

    The new design seems to have come out of a focus group session with gixxer squids. Hell for Leather please find out who was responsible for the 2011 Speed Triple Catastrophe. Is this why Tue Mantoni quit Triumph?

  • Emmet

    The plastic housing on the backside of the headlights look cheap. Triumph lost the allure of its twin headlamp styling.

  • nola

    Hmmm. I have an older S3 and one of my chief infatuations with it, aside from how she behaves, are those ominous headlights.

    I dunno. Change is always awkward when the thing being changed is so iconic. Often we grow into the change and then look back upon the fashion we were so loudly defending and wonder, “WTF were we thinking?”

  • barryg

    I am seriously on the fence about the cheap-looking Power Ranger plastic front, and the very prominent passenger peg mounting brackets. Have to see it in the metal, I guess. I still prefer my ’04 w/clip-ons and high pipe, silver frame and black tank.