Kit: Protar Moto Guzzi 500 V8

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Traction control that saves you from high-siding, cutesy lighting that points where you’re going so you can see better, engine mapping and suspension settings changed by pushing a button to adjust to changing road conditions, intelligent ABS disk brakes, hell, brakes at all. Pfft.  The Moto Guzzi 500cc V8 laughs at your silly, how do you say, safety features. One of the manliest fire-breathing Grand Prix racing machines ever made wasn’t made for girlie-men with a bunch of girlie-man electrogizmos. Even looking at this vintage Protar scale model will put hair on your chest or make you cry. Stop crying.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Are you going to build it? If that was mine, I’d want to keep it as-is; it’s just such a lovely artifact as it is.

    Crying, no; smiling, yes.

    • Grant Ray

      The model belongs to Alex Kravchuk from Works Mfg. He bought it as a scale model for a super rare Moto Guzzi single-cylinder 500cc Grand Prix racer he’s building for Dave Roper. I’ve been holding on to it for him while he gets his new shop in order, and figured I’d share.


    I wish I had that model. The V8 Guzzi is one of my favorite vintage bikes and has been for about 7 years now since I learned of it’s existence. The Bimota HB3 and Yamaha TZ750 are also among my top likes.

  • JimSmiffy

    slow day for news i guess.

  • seanslides

    That right there is one bad ass bike. Just for fun, I’d kind of like to slap that fairing and a matching tail on a modern 600 and rip around the street on it.

  • michael uhlarik

    I have one of these! Its in a dusty box half finished… it completely made my day to see this.

    Protar models are not very good quality by modern Tamiya standards, but no one else made vintage Italian scale bikes.

  • clickeye

    You jerk! Now I have to come to New York just to look at that model. Not to see you of course.-Tim