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We told you all about the 2011 Kawasaki W800 last week. After a three-year hiatus, Kawasaki has finally brought the W650 retro back to production, updating it with a larger engine and even more retro looks. Now, we’re bringing you 39 high-res pictures and an action video. Picture yourself in the late 1960s, just without the oil leaks.

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  • s0crates82

    KAWASAKI! Please sell this bike in the US.

  • david folch

    Nice bike, bad video, stupid cliché of the chick in the back…

    • cityag

      Agree with you David, it’s a stale theme. The newer Harley-Davidson add with everybody riding their own bike seems to convey more potential ownership excitement.

    • ferrix

      Think of it as a nod to the times when the question you asked about your machine was ‘will it help me pick up chicks?’, not ‘how much C02 does it produce?’…
      Which would you rather ask?

  • Johndo

    A Bonneville with an ugly seat :) Other then the seat, the rest of the bike is nice, but I guess price will determine if people buy this or the Bonneville.

  • ike6116

    Chances this is state side?

    • jamesat49

      Chances are slim. Tower bridge is a big clue.

  • Cajun58

    Where’s the pictures with the ugly seat I couldn’t find those. Any CARB paper work shown up for this bike.

    • Johndo

      Sorry, not ugly, fugly. :D

      • cityag

        It would be a bitchin’ seat on a Schwinn Stingray, however.

        • s0crates82

          the seat looks like a cross between the late 70′s suzy gs550 and the 1980 yammy xs850.

          with that said, i’m fine with it.

  • miles_prower

    That sure is the long way ’round to pick up your gal in Mile End from Westminster. If I’d ridden my bicycle, it would’ve taken me 15 minutes to navigate three miles of London streets directly. But perhaps the marketeers at Kawasaki are telling me that I wouldn’t have a gal waiting for me at Verde & Co if I showed up on a bicycle.

  • moby grape

    The drum rear brake is taking the “retro” thing a little too far. I don’t use the rear brake much, but it looks cheesey.

  • Trav


    I’ll keep my 10 year-old thunderbird sport.

  • stratos512

    Well guys, Kawasaki made the little sister, the W650 for seven years and it sold very well in Europe and Japan, and Americans stayed away in droves, less than 1000 were, apparently, sold in the U. S. in 2000 and 2001. I have one of those, aluminium rims, kick start and all, and I am never selling it; it is the Bonnie I always wanted and could never afford.

  • Six_Gun

    Deus will be happy – this will be a great platform for customisation. I can’t wait to see what they do with one of these.

    That said, I’m highly unlikely to buy whatever they do with one of these because it is guaranteed to be nice on the eyes and not at all nice on the wallet.

    • s0crates82

      there’s a tracker version up on bikeexif today.

      • Six_Gun

        Yeah saw that – it’s pretty hot I reckon.

  • cdeforrest

    Can Wes mention the Kawi W-bike without a single mention of his BFF, Deus? Caaaan he do it?

  • pplassm

    Wow. Looks just like my XS650.

  • Emmet

    This bike is impressively simple for a modern bike. Only question I have is how much of those parts are metal vs. plastic? Did Kawasaki go cheap and equip plastic turn signals, badges, and whatever else?

    • s0crates82

      depends. you care about weight?

  • Steve516

    It would be a shame if the bike did not make it here, just like the fuel injected ZRX-1200 DAEG. I’d love to have one, or a W-650 for that matter.

  • Mark D

    I can has kickstarter plees?

  • MikeD

    475 lbs? Disc Brakes all around Please (double on the front), 17″ or 18″ Cast Wheels, Megaphone exhaust… Yes, i know , that isn’t what this bike is all about…SO? Shoot Me…lol.

    I hate “Nostalgic Fancy Outdated” looks over function, specially Outdated.

  • rider33

    The W650 sold in small numbers state-side because it was about 6 to 8 years too early and poorly marketed.
    It was a lovely bike tho, I know because I put about 12,000 miles on one. The 800 is a bored out version with EFI and even tighter design. In this market I think it would sell quite well if fairly priced, it also would bring some polish and depth to the line vs but another Cruiser. This is the kind of bike that would get new to the brand buyers into there show rooms. Let’s only hope they wake up in time.

  • bobdobb

    I have a w650 and I love it. If they market it right it will sell in the US. The only reason I would get the 800, while keeping my 650 of course, would be to break the 100mph barrier.