MV Agusta F3: Italy’s 675

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This is the first full photo of the MV Agusta F3, a bike that CEO Giovanni Castiglioni says will be, “the smallest supersport ever produced.” Sure, it’s only a variation on the design of the 2010 MV Agusta F4, but who cares when a bike is this sexy?
Update: another high-res image and official information.

When we interviewed Giovanni (Claudio’s son) earlier this month, he told us that the 675cc F3 is currently making 137bhp at the crank and predicted that they should have that up to 140 by the time the three-cylinder enters production next October.

Giovanni also revealed the price — €11,500 — the presence of a ride-by-wire throttle and other sophisticated electronics and described the overall package as, “like a 125.”

In addition to being lithe and almost impossibly good looking, the F3 brings two technological firsts to the supersport class: traction control, of which the benefits are obvious; and a counter-rotating crankshaft, which should cancel the majority of the engine’s vibrations. At 137bhp it’s already the second most powerful engine in the 600-ish class, behind the Ducati 848 Evo, but the 140bhp goal is almost ridiculous and would put this 675cc motor on par power wise with not only the 848, but also the 750cc inline-four of the original MV Agusta F4. If all that’s not enough, MV is also claiming that this motor is the most compact, short and narrow supersport engine too.

In addition to the F4-like looks, we see a swoopy, three-exit GP-style exhaust that leaves the rear wheel totally exposed by the single-sided swingarm. The frame is a two-part cast/trellis permiter item that seems to have the conflicting properties of looking dainty, yet strong at the same time. The stacked gearbox appears to be located exceptionally high behind the three inline cylinders. There’s also the de rigeur USD forks and radial Brembos.

The visual feeling of lightness is accentuated by that exposed wheel, the fairing’s tucked waist line to the rear of the brake calipers and the clear air you can see between subframe and tail unit. We’re really liking what we’re seeing here.

The F3 will be officially unveiled at EICMA this Tuesday. Joining this 3000px+ wide image in the gallery below are the two “spy” photos MV released a couple months back.

  • robotribe

    Lordy LORD that’s hot. I didn’t want a sport bike…

    …until I saw this.

  • Wes Siler

    I’ve just noticed how the curve of the exhaust exits parallels the curve of the rear wheel. Wowza.

    • Ken D

      Speaking of which, when do we get to HEAR it? I predict the sound of three theologically compromised mezzo-sopranos being interviewed by the Spanish Inquisition.

    • Mitch

      I’m torn thinking that the organ pipes are kind of hideous, but really unique. Would like to see the same configuration in the trapezoidal tips the new F4 has.

  • seanslides

    I think that’s the bike I’d sell my GSXR for. Wow.

  • Nepenthe

    A passenger seat? Why?

    • 2ndderivative

      Quoting Kevin Ash:

      “I can think of no other way, within ten minutes of meeting an attractive member of the opposite sex, of getting her to wrap her arms tightly around you and better still, grip you between her legs…I should warn that it takes a will of iron not to be terminally distracted by their small grunts, gasps and sighs filling the cosy confines of your helmet as the bike surges forward, leans hard then buries its Pirelli into the Tarmac”.

      • Nepenthe

        Sounds like a prelude to divorce for me.

        What kind of sadistic douche would make a girl ride on a ping-pong paddle like this bike’s pillion?

        • smoke4ndmears

          This kind of sadistic douche, in fact.

          • Nepenthe

            So MV Agusta added a thin layer of felt and vinyl to the tail and passenger pegs to appease an audience of unmarried horny dudes so they could give short thrill rides to curb monkeys who are okay with perching on a marginal-at-best and dangerous-at-worst seat? Still don’t get it. This bike fails spectacularly at two-up. Just make it a mono.

  • nicktp

    I’ve always thought the F4′s exhaust was way cool. This, however, is even better.

  • mugget


    That is a real looker. And if it’s really “like a 125″ that could be a whole bunch of fun.

  • R.Sallee

    Looks fantastic, love that it’s a triple. But that gas tank looks miniscule.

    Also, I believe you meant to say “waist” line. The “waste” line goes vertical and is rarely spoken of.

  • Glenngineer

    Not really feeling it. The tail section looks like it is sagging in the heat, and the exhaust is kind of gimmicky.

    Beyond that, a single sided swing arm is a compromise of performance for design. Sad, on a bike working so hard to be so good.

  • Shinigami

    This appears to be one VERY desirable bike! If only it had the reliability of a Honda…

    • Sven

      Riding it will only make it dirty. :-)

  • MikeD

    We shall call it Mini Me…(Said the F4 after seeing the F3).

    Meh, Im going to go the other way here against the general concensus and say im not impressed. Maybe the paint scheme killed it for me? I liked better the black test mule.
    Or maybe cause it looks like that 5year old same BASIC look F4?

    W/E the case…not impressed…the engine, well…thats completely another matter itself(drooling).

    • seanslides

      The traction control and the weight. This thing could be painted pink with a freakin unicorn and it’d still be bad ass.

  • spidiracer

    I am selling my Brutale to upgrade to this! Mmmmhmmm… Although I have to say the exhaust is about the only thing I dont really care for. Those forks look much much smaller in diameter than the usual forks MV Agusta uses… Hmmmm.

  • andehans

    Like it. Looks agile. Curious to see what the front & headlight look like.

  • Sven

    Best looking bike I’ve seen in years. Apparently, MV solved the overheating problems on the fully faired F4 at once by turning the F3 into a sexy semi naked. Form follows function in superb style, AND the price is right. Gimme gimme gimme!

  • AGP

    That is one gorgeous looking bike – but man does it look tiny!