Photos: Triumph Tiger 800

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After months of leaks, “leaks”, spy shots and “spy shots”, someone finally had the decency to do the job properly. Here’s a mega-gallery of official Triumph Tiger 800 and Triumph Tiger 800 XC pictures, as leaked by Hungarian site

No additional official information has leaked along with these photos, but you can check out everything we’ve already got on the Triumph Tiger 800 tag page.

  • gkanai

    Not sure how I feel about that black plastic stuff on the tank. If it’s supposed to help protect the tank in a tip-over, I guess I see that.

    I hope the front suspension is better than the F800GS, because the BMW’s suspension sucks.

  • motoguru

    I need an XC. Bad.

  • ridingdirtymaui

    What’s the price and where can I test drive it?

    • Wes Siler

      There’s no price yet as this is a leak and I wouldn’t expect it to arrive at US dealers before the end of the year.

  • Johndo

    Love the XC in black. That said, they really stole the seat from a 1200GS and the front from the F800GS. Now I know why they didnt paint the frame black, it was their only chance at getting away with copying BMW so much. I like how it looks, Im sure it will be loads of fun. Disappointed that Triumph seems to have lost it’s touch in creating motorcycles that don’t look like the other bikes. The Speed looks more japanese now, and the Tiger looks like a carbon copy of a Beemer.

  • Penectomy

    Stupid question – Which is the XC? Regardless, I really like the version without lace wheels.

    Very similar to the BMW but somehow better looking in my opinion.

    Hopefully my small 5’8″ frame and 32″ inseam are sufficient for comfortable and safe riding.

    Still a big fan of the legacy Buell XB12XT as far as looks go. I have no idea why but I have always really liked the looks of that Buell. I know that is not a popular opinion, but it just gives me a bike-boner.

    • Wes Siler

      If you follow the links in the article above, you’ll see that the XC is the more dirt-oriented of the Tigers with the 21″ front wheel and, as you observe, the laced wheels.

      There’s LOADS more info there too, we just didn’t want to rehash it yet again. Here you go:

  • panagiotis

    So Speed looks like japanese and the Tiger like a BMW??

    and they changed the logo?

    theres modernising and there’s changing too much

    • Johndo

      Not sure if that was ment as sarcastic or not. But Triumph has always managed to be different. By making the Speed japanese, and the Tiger an obvious copy of BMW, they lost that design innovation they were known for. Not saying the Tiger looks bad, but just look at a BMW next to it, the bike is like 60% identical.

      • panagiotis

        i meant that the went a step too far.

  • ltgesq

    The look similar to the BMW for the same reason an duck and a platypus have the same bill: function dictates design.
    The engine is what separates triumph from the rest.
    I love them, even though i love the current tiger. These deserve the trophy name actually. The tiger name should have been used on the original touring bike, and trophy on the off roader. BTW, i own a 900 trophy and with uprated suspension its as good as the sprints.