Rocking out with Erik Buell

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The best part of Biktoberfest Oschersleben? Not watching the EBR 1190RR win the Sound Of Thunder championship or even riding the 1125R race bike. Instead, it was watching Erik Buell join Ron Phillips and the Black Angels on stage to play “Big Balls Rock and Roll.” No, seriously, watch for yourself.

In addition to playing on stage with Erik, The Black Angels also wrote and performed a song specifically to commemorate Pegasus Race Team’s championship win with the 1190RR, it’s below.

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  • Papasan

    Ja! Das ist fantastisch!

  • Beast Incarnate

    Sudddenly, I miss Dio.

    • robotribe

      Ronnie James was the 2-stroke Honda race engine of Rock voices.

  • pdub

    80′s falsetto and arpeggio cliche’s aren’t my flavor of metal but at least EBR understands and embraces the metal. Can’t say the same for the other sport Vtwin juggernaut. At the last moto show Ducati had a runway fashion show and was playing gay ass C&C music factory pop dance music from the 90′s. If EBR comes out with a street version that doesn’t stray too far from this race bike I might be in the market for some domestic metal.