Shop: 6th Street Specials

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Located in Manhattan’s  Alphabet City — traditionally a center of Puerto Rican culture,  though increasingly full of NYU students, European upper-crusters and Japanese hipsters — 6th Street Specials is one of the great East Coast bastions of all things two-wheeled, motored, British and vintage. While the usual custom bobbers, choppers and ultra-rare cafe racers are packed in like sardines, the real love here is flat track racing, which is treated more like religion. Click below for the feature:

Shop: 6th Street Specials

  • nick2ny

    When I think 6th Street Specials, I can’t help but think of Huey, who probably started it and has been running it forever. That guy’s the real soul of that shop, not the bikes… He’s great to have in the neighborhood.

  • HammSammich

    Wow, fantastic photos Grant. Looking through the feature, I could almost smell the greasy petroleum infused surfaces, reminding me of a shop owned by my dad’s friend, that I used to spend hours at as a kid.

  • Neil Fenton

    Splendid pictures of some great guys. Hat’s off to Hugh and Fumi.

  • DougD

    Mike Seate of Cafe Racer Magazine provided a nice chapter in Lee Klancher’s “Motorcycle Dream Garages” about this shop. Hugh Mackie seems like a cool dude.

  • Brammofan

    I’m watching “Cafe Racer” on Discovery HD Theater channel, and they’re interviewing Hugh Mackie right now. He’s rebuilding an old BSA into a cafe racer. They showed the front of his shop and I probably would have driven right past the place, thinking it was a slum. Instead, it’s a hidden treasure.