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An Italian-American with a mouth as salty as they come, Frank Giannini is one of a handful of trusted master builders who restores and maintains the famous Team Obsolete collection. Descending into Frank’s basement, where he builds and restores racing machines as Giannini Racing for clients all over the world, is a lot like descending into the batcave if Bruce Wayne kept a tasteful 3 story mansion in the middle of an old New Jersey suburb. The basement is revered among vintage racers, and is absolutely overflowing with rare pedigree racing machines and parts in various stages of restoration. That engine on the floor stuffed behind the factory Aermacchi 250? Just your average sandcast ex-Works Imola 750ss. Click below for the feature.

Shop: Giannini Racing

  • Scott

    Aermacchi lives-on.
    H-D’s first Buell-trayal? I don’t know.

    • Grant Ray

      Actually, Harley has been and remains to be historically good for Italian companies. MV Agusta might not be around right now if Harley hadn’t taken it on just before the Great Recession hit. On top of that, MV is most definitely in a stronger position from both manufacturing and financial perspectives. I’m happy to be corrected, but I’m pretty sure Harley financed most of Aermacchi’s racing efforts while the two were together.