Sidi ST: a cheaper Vortice

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Offering similar impact protection and design to the flagship Sidi Vortice, these brand-new Sidi ST race boots appear to ditch some of the fancier features in order to lower the price from $475 to $395.

Gone appears to be the Vortice’s micro-fit “Tecno” adjusters that tighten cords around ratchets in order to offer precise adjustments. Instead there’s an Alpinestars-style ratchet strap to close the boot at the top. Also absent is Sidi’s trademark foot bridge strap that’s designed to restrain the foot within the boot so it doesn’t slip forward under impacts, crushing the toes.

Retained from Vortice to ST are the impact-absorbing external heal cup, the polygonal ankle hinges that limit the degree to which the ankle can flex or extend and provide impact protection and the Vortice’s “easy entry system” that sees a large part of the boot’s upper peel back to facilitate putting them on. There’s no further images of the ST available, but presumably that entry system will look just like this.

Both perforated and non-perforated versions of the boot will be on offer with colors including black, black/white, black/blue or black/red. Motonation, Sidi’s American importer, says the boots themselves and more details on them will be available here in December.

  • ontheroad

    Sweet. I’ve been waiting for this, I love my standard Vertigos for street riding b/c they lack that forefoot strap and are a bit more comfortable, easier to step into, etc. but they’re crashed and haggard and looking forward to retirement. The locking mech at the top is a nice touch, the velcro on mine bit the dust. Those boots have saved my skin & bones, Sidi FTW. Plus, the guys @ Motonation rock.

  • Brammofan

    YES! I told Ms.Brammofan that my $70 faux Alpinestars weren’t outrageously expensive. I said, “W.W.W.P?” And she said, “I don’t know, $200?” I told her that she wouldn’t have to wait a week before you posted some type of specialty footwear well over $300. And now I get added points because of this: “these brand-new Sidi ST race boots appear to ditch some of the fancier features in order to lower the price from $475 to $395.” New, lower price. For boots that nobody outside of the fashion district in a major world-class city would wear, for fear that a leather-clad HOG member would stomp you with his (or her) Harley-branded sh!tkickers. HFL always delivers.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, actually I think that any resident of a fashion district in a major world-class city would flail you with their man bag for wearing these. They’re for wearing with full leathers on a race track or similar places.

      • ontheroad

        Disagree. After hitting the deck in a seemingly inoccuous “oh I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there because I was sipping my latte and scolding my child while staring at my GPS behind the wheel of this 5000lb SUV” rush-hour accident, I was shocked to see that my right boot suffered the worst damage of any of my gear. Nearly a 1/4″ of material shaved off the hard plastic ankle puck. While I own “street” boots, I always wear my track boots now. I’ll take storm-trooper-esque styling and the hefty price-tag over being maimed anyday.

  • 2ndderivative

    Meh. Dainese Torques are more comfortable, don’t look like a Flesh Gordon prop, and they’ve saved my feet twice (holding the bike up when the rear slid out, and when I was hit in the foot by a car). The advice I got from racers is that you can get better protection only by paying more than twice as much.

    • T Diver

      Is that what Rossi was wearing when he broke his lower leg? (I’m not trying to be a dousch bag, just wondering.) Nothing is “full” protection.

  • seanslides

    Sidi SMX Plus?

  • T Diver

    The TCX Comp S boots are stiffer than Sidi boots. They are cheaper too. They do, however squeek when walking. (They are not walking boots.) And, they still look a bit Power Rangery.