Spy Photos: RSD Ducati Diavel

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Back when the Ducati Diavel was still a secret and its godawful name hadn’t been confirmed, several custom builders were commissioned to build bikes based on it. The idea was that the custom cruisers would inform a range of official Diavel accessories and one bike would be chosen to travel the show circuit, showing off the bike’s custom possibilities. These photos, first published by Ducati News Today, show Roland Sands Design’s pitch. Word is, it wasn’t popular with Ducati so won’t be making the show rounds, but a couple of the parts you see here will be available as official accessories.

Over the standard Diaval, RSD added a whole bunch of amorphous plastic cladding, diluting the bike’s purposeful shape and likely serving as the reason Ducati went with something else. We can also spot a superbike-sized swingarm, RSD frame sliders, an Ohlins shock (or at least one wearing an Ohlins reservoir, RSD footpegs and large-diameter handelbar grips. The USD forks and radial Brembos will be fitted to the stock bike and these pictures also give you a good view of the steel trellis frame and 150bhp Testastretta 11º engine.

These wheels, or ones like them, appear to have been carried over to the production bike, as evidenced by all the Diavel spy photos so far, included in the gallery below.

The Diavel will likely leak in full just before the EICMA show on 2 November.

  • Johndo

    They managed to turn an ugly bike into a fugly bike.

    • robotribe

      How appropriate.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    It’s like someone took everything I ever wanted in a motorcycle and did exactly the opposite. I’m awestruck.

    • http://greatjoballweek.blogspot.com/ Case

      what he said.

      that thing isn’t too bad in it’s test form. it’s not my taste, but it’s not repulsive.
      This thing from RSD is barf.

  • richard gozinya

    Definitely not among RSD’s best work. Sands was trying way too hard. He could have taken some cues from his XR1200 and applied them to the Diavel, especially the funky tubular swingarm. The swingarm on this example is just hideous, far too bulky for an already bulky bike. Same with that crap bolted onto the bottom.

  • pdub

    I’m going to split from the herd and say I think this is cool. **ducks down** I’ll go farther and say I like this RSD version better than the test mule spy shot bike. Not always an RSD fan but sometimes his touch works like it did with the Hypermotard. If one takes the performance bike blinders and “Ducati as cruiser heresy” priest’s collar off this bike has some appeal. Looks to me like some cross between a GP bike, drag bike, and art deco locomotive, which in fairness is probably how it rides. It’s not a practical get around bike. It’s not a performance bike (repeat 1000x till it sinks in). It’s a high style, low drama straight line look good and chill out ride that probably sounds appropriately rumbleous and may produce some smiles on an open straight. I also like the RSD gloss on matte with red pinstriping.

  • pdub

    I hope those front fork tubes are just fully compressed from being tied down. Otherwise that would be the world’s least suspended front suspension. A virtual hard front?

  • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

    What kind of animal is this? Its like discovering a new kind of species. 60% V-Rod, 20% Monster, 10% Sportsbike and 10% Hillclimber. Sure is special.

    • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

      …and the brown material on the tank and side-panels looks like leather too me. Nice and cosy when wearing shorts.

  • seanslides

    It’s missing the upper fairing. Or at least it looks that way. Roland just needs to graft a TZ250 fairing onto the front of this thing and throw a wrinkle wall slick on the back. Then people might get it.

  • Chetas

    I am not a fan of the bike or the type of bike, but I think Ducati should employ Roland!

    This bike looks waaaaaay better than Ducati´s own version!

  • luxlamf

    Although I Don’t like the majority of what RSD did to this bike I would be very interested in seeing what He did as far as exhaust on the other side.

  • lashedup

    Just to clarify – that bike above is not the Diavel, nor is it based on it. That was a one-off Sands Ducati cruiser concept. While an interesting concept, it has no significant history or ties to the Diavel architecture or underpinnings.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      As I understand it, this is a custom based on the Diavel. The frame, suspension and engine and the general proportions are accurate.

      • quentin wilson

        According to the various spy photos, the frame is completely different (aluminum castings that attach the front tube frame to the swingarm pivot) and the shock is not in the same place. The forks are telescopic forks, but that fact is all they share with this bike. These look like units from a 1098 blacked out. This is a custom based on a 1098. Lashedup knows what a lash-up is!

  • shawn.bassplayer

    I hope lashedup is correct.

  • Cajun58

    RSD not surprisingly has helped the Diavel go from bad to worse.