Suzuki GSR750: middleweight naked leakage

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This is Suzuki’s Yamaha FZ8 fighter. The Suzuki GSR750 uses a GSX-R750 engine housed in a spindly cast aluminum perimeter frame and equipped with cheap components like the boxed swingarm and sliding-piston brake calipers. But hey, a de-tuned GSX-R motor in an affordable package that’ll be cheap to insure? Makes sense. For Europe.


  • Patrick from Astoria

    Bandit 750?

    Too rational?

    • TeeJay

      No, the GSF line is different. The 600cc version used even different engine. It is more like the prev Z750.

      • Patrick from Astoria

        Maybe they need a better name anyway. “Bandit” is kind of dorky. (“Gladius” is not an improvement.)

        Hm. Something that emphasizes the pavement side of things…”Tarmac” would be cool, but that’s also a bicycle line made by Specialized. “Switchback”? Or does that sound like a dual-sport?

        Something to ponder on a slow rainy day at work.

    • robotribe

      Although an i4 and not a twin, I’d bet it’s what most naked SV owners were hoping the Gladius would have been (at least in shell alone).

  • ike6116

    I am new to the motorcycle scene, what does it mean when I like all these bikes that manufacturers release in Europe only better than the offerings here? Maybe living in New England makes me more connected to the mother land or something.

    • nicktp

      Europe gets better cars too. At least we have better…um…cheeseburgers?

      • vic

        @ nick we also have euro prices.basicly everything from camera’s to motorbikes are more expensive than in the us.i mean a ducati is cheaper in california than in bologna

    • TeeJay

      You shall read some articles from Wes about cruisers, choppers and HD in general. :)
      Over there the “made in USA” HD, and your traffic rules makes the life a bit complicated. :)

    • robotribe

      Google “Honda 599 user group” and you’ll find a long list of fellow Euro-bike-coveting sad Americanos.

      Don’t get me started on Japanese-only 400s.

    • Patrick from Astoria

      Basically it means you’re interested in using a motorcycle as an enjoyable form of transportation instead of as a tool for posing or a mad-stuntin’ hooligan toy.

      We need more people like you.

    • Mark D

      Europe is a lot more urban in general than the US, so owning a bike as your only means of transportation is much more convenient/feasible than in, say, Nebraska. Even in big cities like Houston, everything is way too far away for bikes to be the norm, and drivers I’ve found are way worse.

      A city like Boston, however, is very European in terms of size and density, so seeing bikes like the Yamaha MT-03 not brought over here just makes me sad.

      • ike6116

        Yeah I live right outside of Boston and work in it. My buddy gave me (GAVE) a 92 Seca II and I really dig it just because it’s a standard. Im not kicking back in lay-z-boy and Im not leaning over the gas tank in a bike that pulls the front tire up when a gust of wind his the throttle (not a feature as far as im concerned). I come to Motorcycles by virtue of having a dirt bike my mother ruined as a kid by barely letting me ride it. I want to ride my motorcycle, to work, to the store, to visit my nephew, basically as a fun way to get places, not a fashion statement. It seems like all those European models have just that sit up, ride and get there. Why is the BMW G650GS comparing favorably to japanese bikes? you try and get fuel injection, ABS and heated grips on a jap bike for the same price, I thought BMW were supposed to be a luxury item. Then I see these bikes not offered to me in the states and I feel like they might be more of what Im after, just a bummer. Sorry, I started rambling.

        • Emmet

          Boston’s a great suburb to ride through, though stalling on Beacon St. in dense stop-go traffic is stressful :/

          America’s treatment of motorcycles as a luxury and not as a necessity is why we don’t see more of these naked standards, small displacement, and generally more awesome motorcycles here.

          As for the GSR750, it seems like a way for Suzuki to clean out their inventory of boxed swingarms, perimeter frames, and other old bits from past GSXR generations. Seriously though, the GSR seems less interesting wearing those parts.

  • stjohn

    It looks like Megatron’s dog.

    • MikeD


  • Glenngineer

    So how many modernbikes do you have that don’t have ‘sliding piston brake calipers’?

    • Wes Siler

      Sliding calipers only have pistons on one side of the disc and rely on the housing on the other side moving to bring that side’s pads into contact with the disc. Opposed piston calipers have pistons on both sides.

      • Glenngineer

        But you must see my confusion – floating caliper and sliding piston are not the same thing.

        All pistons slide, but only single/single sided pistons make use of a floating caliper.

  • the_doctor


    At least we get, uh, um…..

    • pplassm

      More louder Harleys. :(

  • Liquidogged

    Styling: 2035
    Swingarm: 1988
    Solution: paint it black

    They should’ve called up Yamaha and asked if they still had a pile of Deltabox swingers from the FZR400. Remember the FZR400? From 1988? With a BETTER SWINGARM THAN THIS BIKE?

    Suzuki needs a shot in the arm now that the SV650 is long in the tooth and they haven’t come up with anything cool to replace it. A new cult bike. This ain’t it. The GSXR is great but if Suzuki is still competitive as an OEM in 20 years, it won’t be because of bikes like the GSR.

    • Mark D

      On the bright side, looks like that swing arm will fit on my EX-500. So there’s that.

    • seanslides

      Actually, it’s a cutting edge design; the Mission One electric ‘superbike’ uses the exact same one, and it’s putting 115 lb-ft of torque and 136 hp through it.

  • MikeD

    MY EYES, MY EYES, someone please, take a blunt spoon and rip them out…! God that swing arm screams CHEAP!

    The rest of the bike looks good but that backyard hack of a swinger totally kills w/e “coolness” it had going on. Same effect as on the late SV650 and current Gladius.

    I would love to ask the Bean Counters in Hamamatsu HQ how much more $ it would be to have a Gsxr swinger standard equipment? $200-300 more to the target MSRP? BFD!

    Cool Ride, but not cool enough to stand EVEN on the same grounds as the FZ8.JMHO.
    I saw no ABS reluctor ring on any of the pictures (not an option? ), i saw a SET Valve tho…but i guess every bike now a days got one of those standard.

    I hope they sell a TON of it, Cheap New Bikes is better than NO New Bikes at All.

  • vic

    detuned I4 sportbike engines are crap for the city.unless is someting bonkers like the triple/brutale/that big fugly kawi you are much better off with a need low end grunt

    but maybe this will be better since it’s bigger in capacity

  • kazfu

    This bike will never make it to USA.

  • ferrix

    750cc I4 is plenty enough for any kind of actual riding. It might not be what you want for hooning and wheelies but for actual use it is as much as anyone can want.

    This bike is for using, not posing.

    BTW, notice the simple, clear yet comprehensive dashboard – Suzuki seem to be the only ones to find the way and the will to include gear indicator and fuel gauge on most of their models, even those budget ones. I’d much rather have those than some useless shite like lap timer.

    • MikeD

      I would take both the gear indicator and fuel gauge too over some useless shit like the one u mentioned for lack of a better sample.