The 2011 Ducati model update cheat sheet

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We were going blind staring at the marketing jargon in all the press releases Ducati sent out this afternoon. Frustrated, we reached out to Ducati for help and they sent back this cheat sheet. We can’t make it any simpler, so we’ll reprint it below. Here’s a simple guide to all Ducati’s 2011 model year changes.

  • the_doctor

    Thank God! I was getting my funky chickens mixed up with my 1198s, and my 848 evos mixed up with my Monsters.

    It was a funkvy evo 11848 Monster Fighter.

    • the_doctor

      Funky even.

    • miles_prower


  • MichaelMM

    MultiMonster 1198 SP Fighter EVO GT R Corse Dark. Bitches.

    It’s nice to see Ducati is retrofitting the mapping and hardbags for MY2010 Multis at no cost to the owners. I wonder how much the new, less obtrusive MY2011 centerstand is going to cost? Any insight, Wes, Grant?

  • dez

    Streetfighter S back with red frame…………yes please
    Ill take one

  • dez

    Streetfighter S black with red frame…………yes please
    Ill take one

  • NickK

    Monster 1100 black, red frame. Please and thank you.