The Bott M210 is our dismantled fantasy

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“After every event we dismantle the bike to clean and grease it, and to look for cracks and control wear of every part.” This freshly uploaded photograph shows a beautiful antithesis to the rolling laboratories of MotoGP. The Spanish Bott M210 built for the Moto2 series breaks down to a mind-numbingly low part count. We’re speechless.


  • Glenngineer

    That is engineering in action. Those guys should be commended.

  • nicktp

    Wow, I think I used to have an r/c car with more parts than that.

  • ichorid

    thats just damn amazing. Any idea what seat that is?

  • ike6116

    Wait that’s it? That’s all of it?

    holy shit.

  • Case

    That is so cool. And I bet it’s f*cking fast, too.

  • Pete

    Am I missing the rest of the fairing? It only looks like a half fairing from that angle. Do they need to run full fairing in Moto2? Either way, I want that as my desktop…

    • seanslides

      I think they’re just running with half the fairing for testing. They’d be crazy not to use all the aerodynamic help they can get.

  • brutus

    i am wishing there was a massive version, where i could zoom in and see alllll the detail.

  • crawl

    Here’s the full size picture:

    And their flickr gallery where I found it, lots of good stuff. Looks like it does have a small half fairing…

  • mugget

    That’s so cool.

    I want it.

    (Thanks for Flickr linkage.)

  • Mitch

    Very cool. The same airbox is sitting in my garage – very different velocity stacks though.

    If you have any familiarity with the engine, you can see the PAIR exhaust ports molded into the manifold, which lets you know these really are stocker 600RR motors and not one offs or special bits from Honda.

  • T Diver

    Sure. Their pile of crap looks clean but… where are the turn signals, license plate brackets, headlights, and all the other stuff that makes my bike look lame? (kidding, cool feature.)