Triumph Daytona 675R: surpise, an up-rated triple you weren’t expecting

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If this was an Aprilia we’d be calling it a Factory and if it was a Ducati we’d be tacking an  ‘S’ onto the end, instead it’s the Triumph Dayton 675R and shots of it have leaked ahead of its official EICMA debut. Ohlins suspension, carbon front mudguard, Brembo Monoblocks and a red subframe. Wait, what?

That subframe appears to be Triumph’s version of slathering a bike in checkered flags or gigantic lion’s heads and adds a welcome dash of visual excitement to the 675R without resorting to a low-rent sticker package. Classy? You bet, but so’s the whole Daytona package.

Leaked, like the Triumph Tiger 800 mega-gallery, by, there’s no official specs so we don’t know if the 675R gains any extra power over the everyday Daytona’s 124bhp and 53lb/ft, but there really doesn’t need to be. at just 185kg/407lbs (wet), the little Triumph is so light and slim and its engine so torquey and characterful that you won’t want for anything more. You weren’t wanting for more handling either, which is why the R is such a surprise.

  • mugget

    Owwwww ow oww!!

    It hurts that I’m not in the market for a new mid-weight sportsbike. I can just imagine the *pop* *crackle* now… and Ohlins + Monoblocks… mmmmm…

  • Endless Mike

    The Daytona has always been my favorite in that class. It’s too bad I find them (and the 600 class as a whole) horribly uncomfortable. Maybe they’ll slap the suspension and brakes on the Street Triple R.

  • Deltablues

    I wish this was in Black and Gold like my ’08 SE. One thing I do not like is the new ‘Triumph’ logo. I really do prefer the traditional ‘Triumph’ logo…even on a sportbike as awesome as the Daytona. As far a comfort goes, I am 6ft and 230lbs, other than the horrendous stock seat the Daytona is quite comfortable.

    • robotribe

      I bet this logo is unique to this model, like the military stencil Triumph logo on that olive green SE Speed Triple. At least it’s classy; can’t say that’s a consistent quality with Triumph graphics across the model line-up.

    • voxveho

      D675 comfy? Really? Are you talking “comfy for the track” or actually comfy? I mean, I guess you can get used to anything, but comfy I would not call it.

      I agree on the colors though. Black and gold always looks superb.

      • Deltablues

        Well, compared to my Ducati 900SS-CR I used to own…yeah, the Daytona is comfy. I still can’t believe I put 700 miles on that 900SS in one day, on the stock seat. Monkey Butt. Thank God for Cycling Shorts. BTW, I have to wear my cycling shorts with my Daytona too. Really, the stock seat is a killer. The reach to the bars and the pegs though are really not bad at all. Still, I’d rather be on my 675 than on a Hawg. We have lots of Hawg riders here in Arkansas. They are the ones that call my Daytona a “Rice Burner”. Hawg riders are some clueless MoFo’s when it comes to other motorcycle brands.

        • voxveho

          Last time I rode the 675 was back in 07. The only two things I remember about it was that 1) it had a bitchin motor 2) very, very racy riding position. Felt like my ass was sitting up way too high, and bars were way too low.

          Then again, this was a test ride in downtown SF in the middle of the afternoon rush, on horrible pavement. Probably deserves another go. Maybe this spring.

      • rockstarartist

        723 miles in 11 hours on my stock 2007 Triumph Daytona 675. Shoulder was a little sore, my knees ached painfully… but really not all that bad. Its a great commuter bike, and 200-350 miles in one day is pain free.

        • Wes Siler

          Yeah, the 675 is pretty comfy for me too. Hurts my wrists a bit, but not unbearably so.

    • MajesticTrout

      Even at 6’4, I manage to fit on my 675 pretty well. My only complaint is the way the front end handles rough pavement, which I’d assume this model takes care of.

    • Mitch

      I see what you’re saying – it loses some of it’s endearing English-ness without the swoopy older logo. I do love the font but admit this makes it look a lot closer to the Big 4 bikes. The blacked out lower is awesome for cutting out a lot of the visual bulk.

  • motoguru

    I like it. All of it.

  • ontheroad

    The Daytona is arguably the best supersport package in stock trim (although the little MV hasn’t dropped yet…), so the ride on this thing should border perfection. I hope they start campaigning AMA supersport and/or fielding more FIM teams.

  • roccopeterbilt

    Kind of funny how they use the new logo in the paint scheme, but they have the classic logo on the rear plate.

    This, IMHO, is by far the *best* looking sportbike on the market. It was before and with this paint scheme, it’s running away with the title.

    The red sub-frame peeking through reminds me of a glimpse of a garter belt through the slit in a woman’s skirt.

  • masonapostol

    Compared to an 1198 and an RSV factory, the Triumph 675R by far has the best pillion seat. That’s what I call practicality!

  • BN.

    Triumph is doing a damn good job of winning my money. The only hard question is which one.

    • Pete


  • tonyw

    Wow! This could very well be my next bike. I love my 1198 and Monster and this will look real nice next to them!

  • The Lawyer

    Back-up track bike awesomeness. This is what I have been waiting 2 years for.


    “I like it, I like it a lot.”

    - Dumb and Dumberer

    I hope it’s under 12k.

    • Mitch

      The Ohlins forks will push this into the 14′s somewhere, I would imagine, even if it’s O’s lower end stuff.

  • ltgesq


  • MikeD

    K Y Jelly.Check.
    Toilet Paper.Check.