Triumph Tiger 800: finally, the real deal

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Finally, after all sorts of official “leaks” we’ve got one we don’t have to put in quotes. This is an honest-to-god, gen-u-ine photograph of the the Triumph Tiger 800 and two suspiciously shiny male models. Surprised? Apparently it is; seen those headlights?

So what does this photo show us? Well, not much that we don’t already know, but hey, look, it’s the Triumph Tiger 800 XC in all its professionally retouched glory. Both these bikes do appear to be the XC, with its knobbly tires, 21-inch front wheel and extended front mudguard. You can also spot that model’s disappointingly wimpy bash guard.

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, there’s going to be two versions of this bike: The Triumph Tiger 800 will be more road oriented with a 19-inch front wheel and non-tubed tires; the Triumph Tiger 800 XC will be more dirt-focused with a 21-inch front, a little more engine protection, spoked wheels and tubed tires.

The Tiger 800 will be powered by a stroked out version of the Triumph Daytona 675’s engine now displacing, as the name suggests, 800cc. Thanks to CARB, we know the weight will be approximately 200kg/440lbs (wet) and that the Tiger 800 should produce a little less power and a little more torque than the Daytona’s 124bhp, 53lb/ft figures; an educated guess would be 10-15 few horses and 10 more lb/ft of torque. Crucially, that’s a little lighter and a little more powerful than the BMW F800GS. The Tiger 800 will also use a steel tube frame, seen here in a resplendent silver.

We’ve also seen “leaked” shots of the Tiger 800’s accessories, which can be seen on the bike in the background in the form of a beefier bash guard and an Arrow exhaust.

Honestly, we’re tired of writing about the new Tiger at this point even though it does appear like it’s going to be an awesome bike. So instead of us endlessly rehashing the same material, take a look at all the pictures of it in the gallery below and hit our Triumph Tiger 800 tag page if you’re not tired of reading about it. Every possible iota of information is covered at length there.

  • 1chi

    Thank god we don’t have to listen to that ridiculous macho-voice announcer tool to see the bike.

  • Johndo

    Nice picture, that said I am starting to get tired of these teasers. Now please Triumph just show us the freakin’ bike already, sideways.

  • MikeD

    This bike and all the Hype created about it are starting to make it feel so Blank and Un-xciting already(JMHO).
    I wish they would cut the Teaser Game Crap.

    Just like GM with the LARD ASS Camaro. So much Hoopla and then nothing special.

  • Darth Lefty

    No disassemble!

    • GrimeyLimey


  • gkanai

    As long as it has better suspension than the F800GS, they’ll get my money.

  • GGno

    Isn’t it a F 800 gs??

  • Sven

    Of course, these teaser campaigns are especially aimed at potential buyers, to prevent them from buying something else in a period this all new bike is more or less ready for production.

    Here in Europe, that potential would be what, a few thousand people? The rest, a few hundred thousand people, is indeed not bothered.

    It’s getting ridiculous and very annoying at this point. Same goes for the MV Agusta F3 at the moment. Do constructors really think journalist want to disclose new bikes screw by screw? Screw that already!

  • AGP

    I am sure it will be a great bike, but damn if I didn’t have to do a double take – slap on an asymmetrical light and it is the spitting image of a F800GS.

    • Johndo

      I think it looks better then the BMW, and sound alone will make people run away from the BMW, most boring engine sound ever.

  • falcopilot

    My local Triumph dealer is as fed up with the hype as I am.

    Hopefully Triumph NA will make one available for dealers to take to the IMS shows, since Triumph doesn’t bother themselves.

  • markbvt

    Triumph has announced that they are actually attending the IMS shows this year.

    And they’ve also announced that the Tiger 800 will be officially unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan on Nov 2. So only a few more weeks of this “leak” nonsense before we get all the real information.

  • dbqfan

    Well they did a pretty good job of copying the BMW 800GS but in no way will it be competitive to the GS. For the Triumph asking price I will pay a little extra and take the real deal BMW.

    • Johndo

      The Tiger offers a better engine, better sound, it’s as practical, should be of equal quality, now why would you choose a boring 800GS over this? I’d understand for a KTM, but for a BMW? nah…

    • MikeD

      How is the F800GS a better bike ? I would like to hear ur reasoning behind such opinion.

      Im neutral here, i think both are good bikes.