Sam Flynn’s Tron Legacy Cycle Suit, FTW

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Batman? Serious issues relating to the opposite sex. Iron Man? Definitely for losers with patriarchal baggage. Univeral Design’s Limited Edition Sam Flynn Cycle suit? Fucking awesome. Like UD’s two previous suits, the Tron Cycle suit is fully functional and fitted with CE-certifed armor. But instead of being ridiculous like the others, the Tron motorcycle suit is almost as sleek as the film version, which means it’s entirely black, loaded with tastefully placed reflective safety piping and therefor begs a very important question: Why can’t the traditional makers of motorcycle safety gear make suits less Power Ranger and more Light Cycle?

That we’re having to ask such a question is depressing. Look at the Tron suit and count how many blatant logos are visible in all the shots. Be sure to also look for whacky patterns that are highlighted by bold colors. I counted zero. Now go try that trick with any fully-armored premium motorcycle suit maker. Sure, the others are probably better made, but look at it this way. If I needed a new set of gear and only had the $995 it takes to purchase the Tron Cycle suit, gloves and boots, why would I want to purchase a similar set from any of the usual makers that forced me to have at least 20 of their logos plastered all over my body? That’s not exaggerating, either. If you’ve bought gear in the past 3 years, then go to your closet, pull out the gloves, the suit and the boots and tally up how many company logos are on visible on the exterior. Shocking, right?

The bad news here is that Universal Designs has limited the production run to 1000, but the upside is that sizing starts at XXS for women.

Universal Designs

  • the_doctor

    Fucking Awesome Indeed!

    I think that the premium suit makers think we all want to look like racers.

    “They buy bikes because they want to be like that one Italian racer! Let’s make our suits look like that!” – Marketing Genius

  • nicktp

    That’s some nice sexist advertising, Disney.

    Also, where is the button that turns all the white bits to neon blue?

    • circuitsports

      Of the 6 people buying them 4 will only wear them at Halloween and the other two both own those retarded retro Ducatti crape racer bikes.

  • rohorn

    No EL wire or embedded Lilypad controller? Or is that next year?

  • Deltablues

    Hold on…scratch my plans for a JPS Ducati Devil. Now I will have to make a Ducati Devil TRON version just so I can wear this suit. Folks here in Arkansas won’t know what hit ‘em.

  • robotribe

    Sorry, but they lost me with fake Olivia Wilde in the first image.

  • longdaa

    Granted it’s two piece, and $500 more, but armored, waterproof and almost logo-less.

    • Grant Ray

      Not bad with only two logos on the jacket. No gloves and boots, though…

  • cdsv

    “…fully functional…”

    Is this the sarcastic part? No accordion stretch panels, no stretch Kevlar, and a complete lack of articulation: this thing will spend more time on Segways at Comicon than on a bike.

    • ike6116

      “Segways at Comicon”

      Now this is how you paint a picture to make a point.

    • Mitch

      Came here to say this. No Keprotec/stretch kevlar, no hard protectors, no accordion panels, no visible perforation. Bolted together somewhere in Pakistan for pennies, guaranteed. I wouldn’t wear this for 50cc pit biking.

  • WoosterSauce

    Eh, I don’t think the trim on that suit is very tasteful at all, really…

    But I agree with what you’re saying, it is entirely too hard to find good leathers without loads of logos and stuff.

    Though I do enjoy my purple and yellow AGV Sport jacket so I guess I am inclined to make myself look like gay robocop on occasion.

  • Brammofan

    This should be standard equipment sold with every new Brammo Empulse. When I go whirring past, I want people to say, “That’s Brammofan. He fights for the Users.”

  • DougD

    Meanwhile, the film’s producers granted UD Replicas the rights to make the product for the sole purpose of extending the Tron brand, Disney’s logo is every single product shot (and I would assume they requested the logo stays in any published material), and the UD Replicas logo is in the top shot there.

    You can’t escape commercialism in the U.S., no matter if you remove a maker’s logo from a product. Economics dictate a product’s maker be apparent.

    • Grant Ray

      This isn’t about commercialism and branding as a whole, it’s about the commercialism of a corporate identity in the guise of fashion. Or more succinctly in this instance, the lack thereof. That the wearer is a proponent of the Tron brand and narrative, owned by Disney, is obvious to all.

      The observation here is that the purchaser of this suit isn’t also a living billboard of company logos, a marketing tool used to transform the purchaser into an active embodiment and selling tool for the company everywhere said purchaser goes while wearing the suit. This emptiness of corporate identity comes off as mildly shocking. Such lacking in overt corporate ownership is something that is next to impossible from higher spec, more exclusive goods produced by competitors.

      • vic

        i don’t like the suit but i fully agree about the logo’s gotten out of control.and it’s not only the race replica.even the most basic of mesh jackets are plastered with’s in very bad taste and it makes one look like a guido

        you should do a campaign.

      • Mitch

        But isn’t a fully leather riding suit, known for it’s protective abilities and cumbersome usefulness when off the bike, more at home to those taking their bikes towards the limit? Would that not harken to racing? Is racing not the grand shootout among race gear and parts makers, and thus, the association with them granting the rider wearing the leathers some amount of that fame?

        The vast, VAST majority of anyone buying a set of leathers, even a 2 piece, is not really concerned with the concealed cool of subtle fashion. When I zip up, it’s go time, and what I look like on my bike is the least of my concerns.

      • cdsv

        Grant, is your complaint that manufacturers don’t offer what you’re looking for in an off the shelf suit or is your complaint that there isn’t a significant market for what you’re looking for? I can’t believe that every company is so foolish. Brands have tried it and they have not found success with it. Take this one for example:

  • Bjorn

    I bought new 2 piece leathers last year and it was a struggle to find what I wanted; plain black leather, proper armour, good fit and a realistic price. In the end I bought an Ironbull Jeans brand jacket with kevlar and soft armour and JJ pants with armour and lycra behind the knees, that zip onto them. Finding good gear that had no advertising or even vomitous colour was really hard if I didn’t want to look piratey.
    I have a personal rule that I don’t promote brands unless there is a quid-pro-quo. As I’m of average abilities, I wear a lot of plain clothes/gear.

  • Ducaholic

    I somehow highly doubt this suit is appropriate for high performance motorcycling. Looks cool, but some things that are not obvious include:

    1) Double stitching?
    2) Zip between pants and jacket?

    Those two things alone make the difference between burn center time and a bruised ego with good laugh at the local pub.

    Definitely more look than performance. If it could glow neon blue, I’d buy if for the parking lot motorcycle shows to fit into the chromer/neon crowd, but never to actually save my own hide. And I LOVE Tron ever since I was a kid (yes when the original movie came out and the old quarter pumping video game used to swallow my paper route money in a single afternoon). I challenge anyone to a lightcycle battle on that machine!


    They should have made the white area’s reflective.