Video: the BMW S1000RR is so powerful that…

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With more power than any liter bike other than non-North American 2011 Kawasaki ZX-10Rs, the BMW S1000RR can certainly do a burnout. BMW’s follow up to its tablecloth trick video attempts to illustrate why care should be taken when playing with all that power.

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BMW via Two Wheels Blog

  • robotribe

    Es gibt kein hoonage wie deutsches hoonage.

    • 2ndderivative

      Mit grosse pferdestarke kommt grosse hoonage.

      • s0crates82

        BMW uber alles!

      • The Lawyer

        Too funny.

  • Sasha Pave

    Would have been better if he ended up in China.

    • maigj

      Even better in Japan…

  • The Lawyer

    Squid hoonage always funny.

    Beemer still fugly.

    • pinkyracer

      yep. and as my homegirl Michelle pointed out- the boys doing the wheelies are probably Day Traders who would call the police if NY’s fastest dared ride past their Hamptons timeshares.

  • The Lawyer

    What the rebuttal? We don’t dig holes. We win championships?

    • Wes Siler

      Max Biaggi doing an RSV4 burnout in the winner’s circle?

      • The Lawyer

        That’ll work.

      • The Lawyer

        Got one: Biaggi doing burnouts on Xaus’s face.

        • Miticale

          Compilation video cutting between Xaus low / high sides, and max / camier podiums / checkered flag wheelies w/ the phrase “APRILIA: DO WORK”

          • Wes Siler

            What about a print ad with just this photo and an Aprilia logo in the white space somewhere?


            • The Lawyer

              FTW! That’s my favorite photo of all time.

            • Mark D

              Can somebody please make that his default picture on wikipedia?!

              • ontheroad

                Xaus has mastered the art of the crash: the guy’s doing tricks now when he comes off the bike! I predict next year he’ll take freestyle crashing to a new level: watch for the Mctwist to faceplant during next season’s opener.

          • pinkyracer

            awesome! and hilarious. but remember, Xaus can crash any bike. and spectacularly.

  • Beast Incarnate

    That explains what happened to them in WSBK.

    • ontheroad

      In BMW’s defense, the bike platforms is competitive, they’ve won a few of the smaller series in the EU this year. I think their difficulty in SBK this year is partly due to “the Xaus effect” and partly to the fact that they didn’t turn to Marelli or another of the big electronics vendors that the other teams are using, BMW decided they wanted to build their TC and fueling programs from scratch with their own equipment and it’s a big learning curve. We’ll see what happens next year.

  • MikeD

    Ha, i wasn’t xpecting that at all.