A video homage to the 2010 Macau Grand Prix

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One of the makers of this film just sent it over to us and it was too good to wait till after Thanksgiving to share it. Shot on a Canon 7D, 1D Mark IV and XF300, this is an HD tribute to that most exotic of ridiculously dangerous road races, the Macau Grand Prix. António José Espadinha Vieira Soares, who made this along with Sergio Perez, tells us the racers have seen it and loved it.

You can see the full 2010 Macau Grand Prix here, see a photo feature Gary Inman shot for us here and see a film about the Formula 3 race shot by the same guys as this video here.

  • je

    Was that a bunny that ran across the track. I would have had to pit after that.

  • dux

    Cat – making a mad dash escaping from a restaurant?

    • http://pics.zenerves.net/index.php?gallery=vehicules tropical ice cube

      Chinese people don’t eat cats, only dogs, on special occasions, from special farms. Squirrels and rats are more mundane tough, any barbecue-party with friends in a half-decent countryside restaurant would be enough.
      Enjoy your Turkey… :)
      I had the displeasure to notice that snakes are OK actually, but, true, can’t get myself to eat dogs. Eurgh.

  • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

    I’m always a sucker for a good montage, and that was a damn good one.

  • Michael

    Very cool