Aprilia RS4 125 coming to America, fuck yeah

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The 15bhp, 264lbs, four-stroke Aprilia RS4 125? It’ll be joining the Aprilia Tuono V4R in America next fall. But wait, you say, isn’t this just a re-bodied Derbi GPR 125 and don’t four-stroke 125s suck? Yes and no. Because it’s a four-stroke it’ll be street legal and that Derbi is the most high-spec 125 available anywhere.


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  • pplassm

    Cool! That’s looks like fun!

  • incon

    A nice looking entry level bike.

    • incon

      Might even get wife out of the pillion seat with it

  • Patrick from Astoria

    This is a debacle. I love Italian bikes, it looks good, I’m sure it’ll handle like a switchblade, but you’ll get flat eaten in a straight line by everything that isn’t human-powered. I normally scoff at the “must have 100+hp to be safe” types, but I would be terrified to take this on an Interstate. Will it do 70-75? If I weigh more than the average svelte Italian teen, is this even going to move under me?

    Next time I plead to the motorcycle gods, I need to be more thorough in my requests.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      It’ll probably manage around 95-100mph before you start tuning it. It’s a 125 because that’s what fits with learner-legal legislation elsewhere in the world.

      • randomRiderX

        Did they post any information on hp or torque values? Being a shorty, I’m really interested in this bike (though we’d need to make more room in the garage . . .)

        Top speed of 95-100 seems pretty reasonable though; and in my limited experience, most bikes are sprung for the average 75 kg man (~165 lbs).

      • GeddyT

        Sorry, but no way. You posted in the article that it will make 15bhp, and that sounds about right for a 125cc 4-stroke. Put a very short and very skinny kid on this bike and you can be VERY generous in assuming a .88 m2 frontal area and .5 Cd. Even with these most generous of assumptions, you’re going to need about 29hp to even dream of hitting 95 mph. This is with a 100lb. kid that’s short enough to keep his head under the bubble…

        The gearing and tire size on this bike works out to right about 14,000rpm in 6th gear at 90mph. That’s probably right about redline. There is no friggin’ way this thing is pulling redline in 6th gear outside of the vacuum of space!

        Put the tiniest of tiny kids on that bike and you’re looking at a top speed of 75mph. And that’s being generous.

        I have a 250cc dirt bike. It’s pretty fun once geared to top out at about 45mph. First thing I would do to this bike is exactly that. The freeway is a not meant for this. Best give that up right off the bat and gear it down to be fun as hell around town! Not sure why Aprilia felt they needed to gear it so tall that it’ll more than likely reach top speed in 4th gear with wind resistance, and 5th and 6th will be largely for less buzzing and better economy.

        It may be geared for 95, but that’s incredibly wishful thinking.

        • droes

          You’ve got a point, it most certainly won’t break 100 mph, but I’d say you’re underestimating it a bit. Judging by the performance of bikes like Honda’s CBR 125 and Yamaha’s YZF-R125 (both 15 bhp 125cc 4strokes), the top speed of this will probably be somewhere around 80, maybe a bit higher depending on gearing and wind resistance.

  • g.r.b

    have you ever seen a ferrari replica? it looks like a ferrari yet you can clearly tell its a replica, they suck big time.

    well this looks like an rsv4 replica, yes its also aprilia, but its got the same aura or vibe as any cheap replica, couldnt they have given it its own identity? this little bike could have been bad ass in its own way.

    people are going to be like ” look” its an rsv… shit… mmm booo!” and its not going to be seen as the best 125 but more like a toy replica rsv4. its sucks….

    look at yamaha, the r1, r6 and r124 each have their own identity, thats cool and you choose the one thats right for you and you wont look like a wannabe.

    or the mv agusta’s f4 and f3, they clearly have the same style but they each look clearly different and have their own soul. this aprilia looks like a deformed rsv4

    • miles_prower

      I agree.

      Which is one of the reasons why the KTM Duke 125 is so bad-ass! It’s not a Duke 690 or Super Duke replica.

  • The Lawyer

    I wanted a 2 stroker. I’m taking my talents to South Beach.

  • JimSmiffy

    Man….if I had only owned this in high school….the tail I woulda got!

  • pdub

    Looks good. Looks like the learner kid bike for the kid all the other kids envy. Looking at the chassis though really makes me think cramming an SXV450, 550, or high tuned 450 dirt single will make this thing cut throats with the greatest of ease.

    • Patrick from Astoria

      Hopefully some of the heads in Noale thought the same thing. Room to grow is healthy.

  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    I know, it would be unpossible, but if this was a 2-stroke, I would take 3. However, this little 125 is awesome.

  • http://pics.zenerves.net/index.php?gallery=vehicules tropical ice cube

    Give us back the 7-speed, 33 hp @12000 rpm 2-stroke Cagiva Mito.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      I’d be thoroughly surprised if the RS4 125 didn’t have a standardized production brick for a cylinder/head that could easily be upsized to 250cc.

  • mchale2020

    I like it, but what would you expect the MSRP to be? And what about the cost of ownership? Lastly, how would something like this fare at a track day filled with 600s and 1000s?

    Besides those concerns, I’m really hoping for the best of this bike. America doesn’t have a lot choices for small capacity bikes with higher spec equipment and the Ninja 250/CBR250R could use a swift quick to the shins regarding their kit.

    • droes

      MSRP in Europe will probably be about 4000 judging by the competition’s offerings, so I’d say about 5500 in America. It wouldn’t do so wel in a track day really. This’ll probably do 0-60 in 11-ish seconds and top out at 80. Sure, you can brake a lot later, but it’s doubtful even the most skillfull of riders can beat a decent 600 at the track.

      • mchale2020

        What I meant in regards to the track day question was how safe would it be being surrounded by higher capacity bikes, or if the track club would even let you run at all in most cases.

        • droes

          Not safe at all I’d imagine. The power difference is pretty large, seeing as most recent sportsbikes produce almost ten times your power. Depending on track rules they might let you on there, but I imagine it’s sort of like riding a bike on the interstate.

  • Core

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