Aprilia RS4 125: RS125 re-born in RSV4 mold

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This is the most exciting thing you’ll read all day. Are you sitting down? This is the all-new Aprilia RS4 125, a 125cc four-stroke RSV4 rep. Awesome. More details as they’re available.

Update: turns out the RS4 125 is just a re-bodied Derbi GPR 125.

So yeah, compare the Derbi you see here and in the gallery below to the ‘Priller. Same aluminum beam frame, same Paolo forks, same braced swingarm, same radial breaks etc.

Of course that also means the RS4 will adopt the same under-stressed 15bhp 125cc four-stroke engine and will weigh the same 120kg/264lbs (not clear if that’s wet, dry or what). Fingers crossed that this comes to the states, the four-stroke engine is a good indication that it could.

  • http://worldof2.com/ jpenney

    Hopefully you mean 125cc. 15cc would be a tad underpowered.

  • The Lawyer

    If this is the road legal version of the old Spanish No.1, I’d say it’s full of win and awesome.

  • Johndo

    If I was 16, this would certainly be my dream bike. Should sell well.

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Not quite as pretty as the current one, but it’ll more than do.

    God, it must be nice to be sixteen, Italian, and weigh 150 lbs.

  • tarun

    When are we going to see clean 2 stroke technologies so we can get these bikes in Cali?

    • pplassm

      Never. Who would fund it? KTM?

  • http://spitgrtzr.tumblr.com/ Guzzi Mutt

    gimme gimme gimme
    gray market here I come with a fist full of cash

  • BN.

    I miss you, Premix.

  • MikeD

    HAaa, another one we(USA) ain’t getting our filfty hands on. A DAMN SHAME.
    Is KTM ever going to release a production version of that damn DI 2Smoke Mule they have being toying around with? Is almost 2011 for crying out loud.
    Wes, u should ask them(KTM Europe) and see what u can pry out of them about DI Smokers.

  • MikeD

    HAAA, I smelled the Derbi influence(swing arm and front wheel were screaming) but i thought i was just “seeing things” being too hypered up from all the high of so many new bikes.

  • Cajun58

    I thought the Derbi’s were rebadged Aprilia’s.